Welcome back to “You're Welcome” Wednesday, where I share a creative tip with you that's bound to make you say…THANKS!
Since moving into our new house I've been trying to do things right the first time and really organize things as I put them away. It leads to a slower unpacking process, but it's been working well because I'm not having to do things twice.

One of my big organizing adventures is the craft room! It's slowly but surely coming along. Here's one way I've enjoyed organizing my crafts:

Free and Easy Way to Organize Fabric
My fabric was all folded in a big bin. I could only really see what was on the top and I had completely forgotten about all the cute fabric I had lying around!
I decided to do something about it. 
I took an empty box…
Which, just for the record, was full of the best little plastic bins! I got a pack of 14 of them for $20 from Costco. I might've been able to find them a few dollars cheaper elsewhere, but it was so convenient to grab an entire box and have as many as I needed for my project. They are sturdy, stack well, and the perfect size. I'm going to buy more the next time I go!
See how nicely they stack?
I cut up the box into pieces that were as equal in size as possible, using the “lid” pieces as my starting point. I wasn't too picky, I'm lazy with stuff like this sometimes.
I laid out my fabric and made sure it was folded nicely. I laid a sheet of cardboard on top of the fabric like so… 
And rolled it up, just like the bolts of fabric at the store!
I secured it with a pin or two, just to keep it snug.
So easy, and FREE!
As you can see, I still have more fabric to do, but here is the beginning of my nice neat stash. You could certainly cut your cardboard neater than I did, but frankly, it doesn't matter that much to me. I ended up having to cut up two boxes and the lid pieces were different lengths – thus, some sheets are shorter than others.
Now I can not only see all my fabric, but I can get to it easily. I have so many fun projects in mind now that I can see my collection!

I have it stacked in my craft room closet, but if you don't have closet space you could stack them in a box with the edges up (rather than in a big pile) or you could even line them up in a drawer.
Ta da! Now, you try!
How do you like to organize YOUR fabric?
You're welcome 🙂