Are you a yard sale-er?
Well, you should be.

Remember these garage sale tips from my friend and yard sale pro, Betsy? Read them, and use them! I'm going to do garage sales much more this summer (or, that's my goal, anyway). Did you see all the loot I got this weekend??

Today's tip is to help you become a pro! It's an amazing site,, and it is a yard saler's DREAM. You enter in your zip or address, they find the sales near you, and you can even mark a route and email the map to yourself. Genius! Another site Betsy recommended is THIS one.

There's a free app for it also, but I wasn't very impressed with it, honestly. I prefer to use the map. I am making a goal to yard sale like crazy this summer so I can stock up on baby stuff I need for my little girl coming in August. Will I see you there?

Happy hunting to you, and….YOU'RE WELCOME!