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Today's Tip: Buy footie PJ's too big, and make them fit with a hair tie!

Crazy, but true. Here's what I mean:

Now that it's getting cold out, I prefer for my son especially to sleep in footie PJ's so I know he's warm at night. The problem? If your children are anything like mine, they grow all too quickly!
Too big = he trips all over the feet. 
Too small = I can't zip them up. 
They only work when they are the exact size…
and then he grows out of them within a month or two.

I came up with the perfect solution, using only a hair tie, to safely and effectively make them fit. I recommend buying PJ's that are one size too big for your kids (I got mine at Wal Mart 2 for $9) and follow this easy tip. They will last them an entire year now!

Click HERE to see the video on YouTube or see below:

Pretty clever, eh? (If I do say so myself…haha)

You're Welcome 🙂