The night before baby girl surprised us all and decided to come, I was working on my last and final project for her room. Luckily it was a super easy one so I got it done in no time. Here it is:
Fabric Polka Dot Wall Art
All you need is fabric, embroidery hoops, and hot glue! Easy peasy!
I got the embroidery hoops at Joanne Fabrics for pretty cheap using coupons. They were $1.50-$3.50 I believe.
Here's how I did it:
Center your fabric inside the embroidery hoop and make sure it's pulled tight. 

Cut your fabric so only a little is hanging out of the edge, maybe 1 in or so.

Glue the fabric tightly to the embroidery hoop. 

Once your glue is dry, simply remove the outer hoop.

Ta-da! How easy is that?!?

 I can't quite get them hung on the wall just right, but I thought I'd post a picture anyway until I can figure out the arrangement I like. Any suggestions? 🙂

 Adds a nice touch, ties in the nursery colors, and uses up spare fabric I have leftover. Perfecto!

The nursery has FINALLY come together. Wheew! 
Now I need a nap.