Β It's done! It's done! The room is done!
Well, as done as it's going to be right now, anyway. The baby room is ready to reveal! Priya came early so I didn't get to do everything I wanted to, but I got enough done that I'm satisfied and ready for a BREAK.
I thought I'd share with you how I was able to re-do the room for cheap!
Background: We only have 2 bedrooms in our house right now, so baby girl and my 18 month old son share a room. We hope to move in the next few months so I needed her decor to:
  • Not be too girly, since my son is still in the room
  • Be mobile and versatile so we can take it with us when we move, and so it can fit in any space
  • Be something that I could do myself to keep the cost down!
  • Cheap, easy, and quick. I'm not really a craft person and wanted to keep things as easy as possible.
(In the middle of the demo stage…)


Disclaimer: Here's my son's half of the room. It's been HORRIBLY neglected; I haven't done a thing to it. (Poor boy!). I didn't want to put much money or energy into it because hopefully he will have his own room soon, and it will be converted to a toddler-friendly room and will need to be changed a lot. So in the meantime, it stays the way it is.
But…I thought I'd show you anyway.
Here is the set-up in our room. Thought I'd sprinkle a bit of baby love in there too πŸ™‚
Let's break it down now…

  • 1. Yellow and gray sewing basket I got from Joanne Fabrics on clearance. I was able to use a coupon to get it even cheaper. It has perfect compartments to organize her hair bows and ribbons.
  • 2. Giant rosette wall letter. Tutorial HERE.
  • 3. GREAT armoire from Ikea. Normally $300+, got it for about $100 from the scratch & dent area (or whatever they call it). We still don't know why it was there, we have found nothing wrong with it…
  • 4. Gorgeous and sturdy crib, bought for a steal! A baby store in Salt Lake was moving locations and selling off all their floor models. She said I could buy the crib new for the sale price of $375 (normally $450 or something), or I could buy the floor model for $250. Um, yes please! It was in perfect condition, and she even threw in the crib mattress just for asking!
  • 5. Custom yellow/gray/white and blue/white crib bedding. Tutorial HERE.
  • 6. Easy, no-sew re-covered foot stool. Tutorial HERE.
  • 7. My favorite…my old granny rocker! I wanted something absolutely delicious to sit in (I didn't have much of a rocker with my son). My husband and I shopped around and found the best deal before buying. LOVE that thing. (I got it from Ashley Furniture, for all who are curious…)
  • 8. Fabric polka dots using fabric leftover from the crib bedding. Tutorial HERE. Cute canvas print, got it from HERE.
  • 9. Framed scrapbook paper wall art reusing dollar store frames from our wedding. Tutorial HERE.
  • 10. Adorable pillows. Tutorial HERE.
  • 11. Lamp found at Home Goods. It was a bit of a splurge at $30, but was still 1/2 off what it normally sells for. I couldn't resist.
  • 12. Super cute framed print from my friends over atΒ Plum Street Prints:
  • 13. This is a $60 Target night stand that I got for $20 from the local classifieds. Boo ya.
How do I know it's $60? Well, I saw it there the other day!
Β As for my son's side of the room…
  • 14. Got this paddle from Hawaii on our honeymoon at a flea market. It's the inspiration behind the surf/beach room idea…which I promise will get around to actually executing someday! (any ideas??)
  • 15. This is an old dresser that my parents gave us when we got married. We refinished it, set a contoured changing pad on top, and voila! A new changing table with plenty of storage for diapers, wipes, AND clothes!
  • 16. Got this crib for super cheap (like $160 or so) from Overstock.com. Turns out it's not the sturdiest thing on the planet (my son is an absolute maniac in his crib) but we will convert it to a toddler bed for him soon anyway.
  • 17. When my son was about 8 months old we went to the beach. I took a bunch of pictures, blew them up at Costco, and now I have custom wall art! I don't like how they are arranged but when I get around to actually doing his room someday I'm sure it will look great πŸ™‚
  • 18. I got all these books used from the library, and thrift stores! (remember THIS tip?) The book shelf is a cheap one from Target.
  • 19. This is an affordable Ikea book shelf. We decided to use it for my son's toys, so…
  • 20. I got these little bins from Target. In the organizational section they were $9.99 each (yikes!) but I found these nearly identical ones for $2.50 each in their dollar section that is at the front of each store. Bingo!
My mom got me this changing table from Overstock.com (love that place), and I added this mobile (tutorial HERE) to give her something to entertain her while I change her in our room.
Ta-da! That's it!
I never got around to getting a rug, making window valences (yes, each window has a different valence right now…), and like I said, my son's side isn't done…but hey. I feel good enough to be done for now.
So now if you don't mind, I'm going to go take a nap.

As of Dec 1, 2011 we moved to a new house! I am re-doing our nursery, but still using the same decor. Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like now: