Why things have been a bit weird around here

*Update: Congrats to Barb Sampson for winning the $50! Hope you enjoy!!*

Guys…we need to talk about something. As I mentioned super briefly yesterday, my blog has been going through a…well…a maturation process of sorts. I feel like it's going through blog puberty and trying to become a non-awkward grownup. Turns out it's not easy trying to turn into a swan! The site and “brand” was redesigned and launched in November. Since then I have been bringing on a full team including interns, contributors, and employees. I've started dedicated full-time (and more) hours to the blog, and have been busting my booty to try to make it as amazing as possible. Now that some of the logistics of “the new blog” have settled down, I'm trying to find my voice again. I'm trying to nail down the “feel” of the blog, and trying to keep it as authentic as possible while trying to make it a successful venture for me at the same time (remember the truth about how my blog makes money?).  It basically makes my head hurt and makes me want to eat an entire batch of raw cookie dough. Which I have done. And don't feel ashamed about. The frizzy hair, blood-shot eyes, and chipped nails in my pic says it all.

When I went on my cruise (the post is almost done! yay!) I had some time to think. My conclusion was that I have been getting so busy building the BLOG side of things, that I'm starting to lose focus on the CONTENT side of things. I apologize for that, and I hope you've all stuck around through the awkward weirdness of it all!

To help get me back on track and get focused, I am asking for you to share what YOU want! Because, let's get real here, at the end of the day this blog literally couldn't (and wouldn't) function without your eyes, hearts, and clicks.


Can you help me with this? Can I ask you a huge favor?

Will you please take 1-3 minutes of your (oh so busy, I know!) day to help me find my voice again, and let me know how I can make this blog amazing for YOU?…and also maybe win $50 while you're at it 🙂 One person who fills out the form in its entirety will be randomly selected to win $50 cash-ola from my own pocket and heart! Be sure to hit SUBMIT below (you might have to scroll down) or your answers will not be recorded. Thanks all, love you tons!