Why I pretend Black Friday doesn’t exist…and a little love note to you


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

As you can imagine, I am far too enamored with our new little baby to be able to spend much time here on the ol' blawg. But I couldn't let the day go by without saying a few things.

1. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of you. Yes, YOU!

I know you probably hear this a lot from your favorite bloggers, but you have to know it's true. I am beyond grateful for anyone out there reading these words. Blogging is not easy, but knowing I have the most incredibly loyal readers behind me is 110% the reason why I do this. So thank you for taking a little chunk out of your day (and heart!) to share it with me and whatever I'm rambling about that day.

2. I'm working on an attitude of gratitude this year. Want to join me?

I've always been a pretty upbeat, optimistic person by nature. But over the last year I have caught myself becoming more cynical, gossip-y, and even less patient and tolerant of things. Maybe it's old age? 😉 Either way, I don't like it. I've always been a fan of the show 19 Kids and Counting. I love the Duggar family's attitude about life. If you watch the interviews of ANYONE in the family, down to the youngest child, they always always put a positive twist on everything – even if it was a super crappy situation. I'm setting a goal for myself to do the same. I am working on ending every sentence and/or story with something POSITIVE, and finding something to be grateful for in every situation. It's not going to be easy, but I'm determined! Anyone with me on this? Let's come up with a clever, catchy name for this challenge so we can feel like we're super cool, eh? Suggestions gladly accepted.

3. Please PLEASE ignore Black Friday.

I'm a frugal living blogger. I should be all over Black Friday like Jordan on Costco cake. Us bloggers make a ton of money from posting Black Friday stuff! Making money is important to keeping blogs alive! (see “the truth about how my blog makes money” to explain this better.) But this year I just can't. I can't! I reposted an old post about the secrets to shopping on Black Friday. But aside from that, I feel a pit in my stomach every year about Black Friday. I woke up this morning and scanned Instagram while nursing my baby. My feed was completely clogged with all these bloggers and friends that I admire, up all day and night posting about all the best Black Friday deals, and thousands of incredible readers jumping on them like their lives depend on it. It's hard to see Thanksgiving being completely overshadowed by the shopping hype of Black Friday.

I saw a deal posted this morning about $4 DVD's and immediately jumped to Target's website. I filled my cart with as many $4 DVD's as I could hoard. and FREE SHIPPING! Life couldn't be any better! I hurried with the checkout process, worried that the stock would run out. Just as I was about to hit submit on my $64 order…I stopped. I took a breath. And I thought to myself…

“$64? On DVD's? That I neither wanted nor need? Just because it's a Black Friday deal?”

I closed out the browser and went back to cooking breakfast instead of unintentionally ignoring my family.

Might I suggest that this year we all put down our screens, get out of the “I need to buy this right now or I'm missing out on something HUGE!” mindset, and just ENJOY the holiday.

The secret about Black Friday is that, sure, there might be some great deals out there. Killer deals, even. But most of the hype is used to get you to buy stuff that you probably don't need, and most likely didn't plan to buy in the first place, but got excited about and feel like you need to buy it because it's a “one time hurry and buy this before it's gone limited quantity don't waste time!” deal.

Join me!

Hide your phone today. Put your tablet and computer away. Let's pull out a board game and play with our families. Look up a new recipe and bake with our kids.  Try a new craft, learn something new. Start a new family tradition. Whatever it is, join me in pretending Black Friday and all the hype doesn't exist, and let's work on just ENJOYING what little time off we have.

Now, since I'm being a hypocrite right now, please excuse me while I shut down my computer completely and enjoy spending the rest of the weekend squeezing as much family time in as possible.

Love you all, and I'm so grateful for you!!




  1. AvatarJenny says

    This was just what I needed to read! I’ve been doing the same thing this morning, seeing all these deals and thinking oh wow I’ve got to have it! Hurry and load that cart before it’s gone! Then, I wonder why I’m stressed trying to cook, watch for deals, and enjoy family time. Thanks so much Jordan for giving me a virtual slap in the face 🙂 …and make me realize black Friday deals aren’t as important as family time. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Aww, you’re welcome! I’m always up for a good virtual slap 😉 haha! Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays to you too 🙂

  2. AvatarAlyshia says

    I completely agree!! Thanks for posting this. (Here I am being a hypocrite being online right now). BUT I’m taking a quick break while the rolls rise and my babies (yes hubby included) sleep! Ha ha.

    I will admit I did buy a Black Friday deal today though, but it has been in a non neglectful happy manner! I swear! We have been saving up my hubbies overtime for a few months now and causally (yes I really mean it) – causally woke up at 8 this morning and bought the TV he was hoping for (and nothing else)! Easy as pie. No rush to the store to grab it tonight or up all night looking for the deal to go live. We weren’t even worried that we would miss out because GUESS WHAT?! The best TV deals are at the end of January anyway. 🙂

    We’ve had a fabulous morning so far cooking and eating treats with our family. LOVE that I have been able to enjoy the day with family without having DEALS on my mind. It is such a blessing to have taken that burden off my shoulders this year. SO happy you are enjoying your Thanksgiving with your new sweet baby and family as well!!!!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      End of January?? Great tip! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the comment – no harm in taking advantage of some great deals online, it sounds like you have a fabulous perspective about how to make Black Friday work for you, so it’s all good! Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. AvatarKira says

    Thank you for all of the practical family & financing advice. It’s surprising how that is on short supply year round. I always look forward to your newsletters and believe it of not I subscribe to it after something of yours I saw & liked on Pinterest. I’m looking forward to hearing what your New Years resolution(s) is!

  4. AvatarJenny says

    Amen!!!! I feel like it’s more about the excitement of how cheap you purchased something you previously had no intention of buying. Oh and you rush through dinner, quickly trying to be thankful for just a minute while you browse the ads, stock up on deals and then rush out to get in line and fight the masses for…stuff. We decided this year to really not focus on the stuff. We are emphasizing time, family, traditions and fun. And it sooooo much more relaxing. We didn’t and don’t have to stress about deals, shopping, stores, and all that globbitty goo haha! Each kid will get one present from mom and dad, one from Santa (I am assuming if they have been good…wink), a stocking and done. Easy peasy rice and cheesy. We are gonna make a homemade kick butt advent calendar with cooking, games, seeing the temple lights, neighborhood secret Santa treats, hot cocoa party…the works. The kids can’t even hardly remember what they got last year as presents but they remember every family vacation and time spent together. So this year presents are the side dish to the main course of family fun together. So less stressful and guess what…my budget is on point…yippee! Thanks for coming out and banning Black Friday as well…it’s not as fun or frugal as most think haha! 🙂

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Jenny…Can i just be YOU this year?? I love all your ideas! We had a lot of the same thoughts/ideas in our family – one small gift from parents, one from Santa, the rest from family. Thanks so much for sharing, I love this comment!!

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