WHOA – sorry about the site crash, guys! [Bomb Shelter Cover sale & Bachelorette recap to make up for it]

Can't apologize enough for the major site crash you all experienced over the last 2 days! Serious issues with my hosting company and I've had it so I'm switching asap. It was very frustrating because there were no issues on our end, thank goodness, just a fluke with the hosting. But have no fear, we are up and running again!

…the crowd goes wild…

Don't worry, posting will resume as usual.

BUT…To make it up to y'all, I have two oh so exciting treats for you. 1) a promo code for HALF OFF one of my Bomb Shelter Baby nursing covers

bombshelterbaby.com full-coverage nursing cover!


Just go to BombShelterBaby.com and enter the code SCHOOL between now and June 5 to get 50% off one of these bad boys!

The "Bomb Shelter" nursing cover - best full-coverage nursing cover EVER! BombShelterBaby.comTreat #2?

Our Bachelorette Episode 4 recap!

(Watch online or click and watch below)

Not sure if you care about either, but hey, can't say I didn't try!

I'll be back Thursday with a super inspiring post you do NOT want to miss. Until then!




  1. I think you should SOO go back to doing “what I’m wearing Wednesday” again!! Or whatever it was called. I loooved getting those posts in my email! 🙂

    Glad you’re site is back!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to pop those in every once and again. I’m only posting Tuesdays and Thursdays now so it’ll be tricky, so just follow on IG (which I know you do, I love your comments!) and I’ll try to post outfits more often. Thanks for the feedback! XO

  2. I second that!!! Loved what to wear wednesday and I found it to be super inspiring. As in my inner monologue one time consisted of “why do I feel like I have to buy a new outfit for this play group tea party? Jordan went on national tv and didn’t buy anything new.” bam – saved me some $$. Thanks.

    • Such good feedback! I’ll definitely post outfits more, most likely on social media since I’m only posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. So follow @funcheaporfree on Instagram and I promise to post more!! XOXO

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