Halloween is coming up quick! Eeek!

But you still have time to scout out the best deals on costumes (click HERE for kajillions of cheap or free costume ideas) and candy.

Thanks to you for helping us find the best deals (see THIS post). Here is what you shared via email, facebook, and comments:

Cheapest places to buy Halloween candy according to some of our FCF readers:

I said: I know Costco has big bags, but I certainly don't know if it's cheapest. Last year we got a huge bag of dumdums from Walmart, they were dirt cheap. My hubby picked them up and I told him “no one likes dumdums!” Boy, was I wrong! We had 1 bag of the expensive chocolate candy and 1 bag of the dumdums at our ward Trunk-or-treat. The dumdums were by far the bigger hit with the kids!

Jennifer said: This year I got my candy from CVS and AC moores. I used my Extra care bucks that I had been saving for this occasion and got 7 bags for 5.00. Then I used a 50 percent off coupon any regular price item at Ac moores and to get a 3lbs bag for around 4.00. Party pack playdoh is pretty inexpensive too and a great change from candy!

Rachael said: I did full size candy bars a couple of years ago because Maverick had then 4/$1 a couple of weeks before Halloween, but last year we got glow sticks from Fresh Market and kids LOVED them. Super cheap too, about $3.50 for 50 of them.

Jenny said: I heard Toys'r'us has candy for $1.99 a bag and you can always price match at walmart.

Betsy said: I always go to stores the day after halloween and the candy is marked down 50-75% off and it lasts for a long time. It's always good for the following year. I also stock up and use it for gifts for neighbors and stuff through the year too. Bags of candy end up being 75 cents-1.50 or so… it's AWESOME!

Lillith said: I just bought some at Target. Some of their candy seemed expensive to me, but they had a section that was $2 per bag and that seemed reasonable. I got vanilla tootsie rolls and caramel apple succors. They also had a huge bag of expensive chocolate candy in that section marked wrong and I am sure if I wanted to argue the point, I could have gotten it for that, but I didn't.

Michelle said: CVS had a sale this past week – I believe it was 2 for $5 on funsize Reeses, KitKat, those types and there was a printable for $1 off 3 and a $1 kiosk print off. Not too bad if that's what you were looking for. I like the suggestion of saving ECB but it's probably too late now (I'll have to keep that in mind next year). For us however, we just moved to our neighborhood last summer so we bought a bunch of candy from Sam's Club and ended up with a lot left over, We won't be home so we're just leaving a bowl out with last years leftovers – when it's gone, it's gone.

Lyndsay said: Costco for sure. They have a huge bag of chocolate assorted candies for 8 dollars I think.

Deanna said: The dollar store is cheap!

Allison said: Big Lots is my favorite. They have a decent selection. There have also been several good newspaper coupons that made the name brand chocolates affordable, when you use them paired with a store sale.

Susan said: In response to your questions I have found Dollar General to be the best place. They accept manufactuers coupons, have great prices and if you go to their website they have a coupon for additional off your purchase this weekend.

So there you have it!
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