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This has been a fun month for FCF! I've had the privilege of sharing some of my best tips all around the web. I didn't know how best to tell you about all of them, so I thought I'd compile it all in one place! The features include a Disneyland on the Cheap TV segment, a marriage interview where Bubba and I talk about everything from intimacy to fighting about money, and a post sharing a condensed version of my most viral “7 bank accounts” post that you should certainly check out (…and there may or may not be a Bachelorette Recap video at the end that I'm pretty sure you need to see because it has a big secret reveal in it).

It was fun to be featured in so many fun places, hope you enjoy all the tips!

Disneyland on the Cheap TV segment – Studio 5

How to do Disneyland on the cheap...and do it with kids! A 3-part series with everything you'd ever need to know! From FunCheapOrFree.com

The other day Studio 5 asked me to share some of my best Disneyland secrets and money-saving tips. Watch the TV segment below (or online here) and check out the full 3-part Disneyland on the Cheap blog series to see the bazillions of other tips not seen on the segment!


Nurturing Marriage interview – Bubba and I talk intimacy, fighting over money, and date nights

date night


Here's an intverview Nurturing Marriage did on Bubba and I:

Quick Facts
Location: Utah
Years Married: 8
Kids: 4
Occupations: Bubba is an Entrepreneur; Jordan is a Blogger at Fun Cheap or Free and an Entrepreneur
Hobbies/Interests: We are known for our kitchen and car dance parties. We love to hike with our kids and go on bike rides. We love going on dates, going out to eat, and going to plays and shows. Bubba likes to mountain bike, play volleyball, and ride his dirt bike and motorcycle; Jordan loves to get a great deal shopping. She loves being a mom, blogging, and watching the Bachelor.
Favorite flavor of ice cream: Jordan – Cotton Candy; Bubba – Snickers/Reeses
Website: Fun Cheap or Free and QuotaDeck

Date Night

Q. Why do you feel dating in marriage so important?
B: Dating is key. It was how you first developed your relationship, and once you are married, dating helps you keep that one-on-one time going.J: I have a story to illustrate this. When Bubba & I were dating, we were driving in the car with some family members and we noticed that they had no physical interaction with each other. We spent the whole weekend with them, walking places, in the car, etc, and we noticed that they never held hands. There always seemed to be a kid in between them. Bubba whispered to me, “Can we never do that?” And he has always made it a point to hold my hand, but more than that, we’ve made it an important point to have time together without the kids. If we have a busy month and it’s hard to get away on one-on-one dates, we notice a difference in our relationship as opposed to the months where we make it a priority to, at least once a weekend, do something together. Even if it is just going in the basement and watching a movie together. It’s important to unplug, and have time together without the kids.Q. What are some of the obstacles you have faced in making date night happen, and how have you overcome them? J: For Bubba, by the end of the week, he just wants to be home. Bubba travels a lot, he is in a lot of meetings, and eats out almost every day for lunch, so when Friday comes, he is wiped out and just wants to be home! By 5:00pm Friday, I am out of here. I don’t want to be in the house anymore, and I don’t want to eat my own food. I’m clocked out. That’s a challenge for us. One way we have overcome that is by finding dates that both of us take an interest in.B: She took me shooting for Father’s Day last year, and that was AWESOME. What we have found, is that we both have a fairly high social need. We love double dates, or getting groups together to do date nights, or whatever. And with or without kids, obviously the adult time is important.

J: As far as finances being an obstacle, we probably spend more on babysitting than we do on just about anything other than our mortgage, or maybe groceries, so we like to trade with other couples (which is not convenient, but you do what you have to do!), or we’ll invite people over a lot, or just have dates at home.

B: We love to host, we’ll host people at our house regularly.

J: In terms of time, we just kind of know that Friday night is our date night. We try and do family dates on Saturday and couple dates on Friday. We just have it on the calendar.

B: It doesn’t happen all the time, just to clarify.

Q. Who plans the dates, and how do you make sure they happen?

Read the rest of the article HERE.


The 7 Bank Accounts Your Family Should Have – Power of Moms

The 7 Bank accounts every family should have, from funcheaporfree.com

I shared a condensed version of my Bank Accounts post on Power of Moms. See the full-blown post HERE, and lots more of my fundamental financial principles on my Beginner's Guide page!

Here's part of the post from Power of Moms:

When you file important papers, you most likely put them in multiple folders to compartmentalize, organize, and help you keep track of the things you need. So why would you toss all your money into one big bank account?  Most families have one savings account and one checking account. And while it works well for many, I’ve found that having only one or two bank accounts can make it harder to keep track of your money.

I suggest you consider opening seven bank accounts, which will help you organize your money and save your family thousands. And no, you don’t have to have lots of money to start. In fact, we were living paycheck to paycheck when we began using this system and were in the red most months.

First things first: the biggest question I get is, “Doesn’t having lots of accounts hurt my credit, cost me extra, and make life more complicated for me?” The simple answer is no. Or, it shouldn’t, anyway. It won’t hurt your credit unless you get into debt or don’t pay your bills on time. And believe it or not, as confusing as it looks on paper, if you commit to the system, get organized, and take the time to do it right, it will actually simplify your life. If it costs you money to open an account, change banks. In fact, many banks will pay you to open an account with them!

Before I break down the seven accounts in detail, first a probing question…

How do you track seven different accounts?

If all of your accounts are with the same bank, then your online bank dashboard will have all your accounts handy in one place.  If your accounts are all open with different banks, you can useMint.com, which is a free service that pulls information from all your banks and presents them on a single dashboard. They have a fantastic mobile app, and you can even pay bills from Mint. All in all, if you’re willing to use a computer and phone to do your banking rather than a pen and paper, this method will save you time and money.

Now, here’s a further breakdown of the seven accounts, or if you would like, you can watch the video summary HERE.

1. Family Emergency Savings

Twenty percent of your income should automatically go into savings each month, and this is the ultimate account for your savings. As a rule, this account is for absolute, dire “we are going to lose our house next week if we don’t do something” emergencies. Picture it as the fireproof apocalyptic vault hiding behind concrete walls in your basement, or the piggy bank you have to shatter to open. You should never touch this account unless it is your absolute last resort! And it should never be for anything that can be resolved in other ways, including paying off debt. Having 6-12 months to live off of is more important than any credit card payment you could ever make! Hopefully you willnever have to touch this account…but it will be a good thing if you ever need to.

(Again,See the full-blown post HERE, and read the rest of the Power of Moms post HERE)


And, of course, just because I love me some Bachelor Drama, here's our Bachelor Back-Talk with Bubba, Bachelorette Episode 5 recap! I finally get to share my big Dancing With The Stars secret with the world, so trust me, this one is worth watching.


Hope you have a Happy Thursday!