When your paycheck isn’t enough! (Starting a biz, MLM’s, making money from home & more!) Q&A Tuesday


When your paycheck isn't enough! Starting a business, making more money, working from home, MLM's - worth it? All (and more!) covered!

Want a better job? Having trouble making ends meet? Want to get paid more at your job? Want to work from home? Start a business? Make money on the side? Need a little cash to have a little more fun, or pay down debt faster? Are MLM's (networking marketing companies) worth it? Don't worry, you're not the only one with those questions. In fact, we got so many questions like this recently, we decided to do an entire video on “when your paycheck ISN'T enough”! We cover it all, and more. And don't worry, I talk a lot, say dumb things, and make crazy faces as per usual. #ConsistencyIsKey.

If you have no clue what Q&A Tuesday is, buckle up buttercup, it's a fun ride! All summer long I choose questions on social media (and this blog) to answer live on Facebook, and then post it to YouTube and the blog later in the week. Lately my husband Bubba has been joining me and it's a good thing, because he sure knows his stuff!

Check out this week's live Q&A, then keep scrolling to see the ones you've missed!


Hope that helps answer your questions!

As you can see, with a little creativity (and some scrappiness and hard work) you CAN make more money at your current job, at home, even doing what you're already doing. And in case you aren't sick of hearing us say it yet (hayuck hayuck) you can watch much more about starting a business and making side money on Budget Boot Camp (use the code FCFBLOG to get 10% off…because I love you.).

What would you like us to answer in future Q&A's? Be sure to leave comments below and on Instagram or Facebook so we can try to answer them for you! Because, I'm sorry to say it, but I'm just not a mind-reader. So if you don't tell me what you want, I just don't know. I wish I was a mindreader though. Because then I'd be cool. And would probably get on the Jimmy Fallon show…


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  1. AvatarErikka says

    My son is only one and a half so I’m not worried about allowance yet but this has really helped me as a guide in making a budget for my son and future kids.

  2. AvatarErikka says

    Totally got confused because I’m going through so many of your posts! I tried an MLM and it definitely wasn’t worth it. I wish I would have found you before I wasted/lost money.

  3. AvatarEdeeu says

    Some major life changes are causing me to navigate the waters of working after being a stay at home non working mom for over 14 years and it’s terrifying. I want to be able to provide for my kids and I without having to be away from them a ton so the more advice and help, the better.

  4. AvatarSydney says

    You are speaking to my soul! We have been needing to be so scrappy since my husbands job change! I could definitely be more so. Work in progress! ?

  5. AvatarWhitney Smith says

    Thanks for the tips on being scrappy! {It is not a matter of having a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulness!} I seriously love you guys!!

  6. AvatarStephanie Becker says

    I’ve shared this with three friends! They always wonder why I work so hard. Well this is part of why! My goal of paying stuff off helps keep me motivate.

  7. AvatarJennifer Bingham says

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the small income issue the last couple of weeks and how to increas what comes in. I’m encouraged there are options!

  8. AvatarMarie says

    You guys are so down to earth! But so informative and joyful to watch and listen to, thank you for taking the time to do the Q/A and post.

  9. AvatarAna Brito says

    Thanks Page! This bring me hope! I’m at home with my baby but we need more money so I’m searching a solution to can make money working from home! I can’t see you live q&a because I’m from Portugal and it’s 4a.m. when you start!! But i see after on youtube! Please continue because i slowly had changes in my live with your tips! My favorite it’s j.o.b.!!! Helps me a lot with the baby!!

  10. AvatarJanelle says

    Thanks for sharing your opinions about MLMs. I completely agree that with the time commitment it may make sense to just get a “normal” job!

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