What to Wear Wednesday: My Frugal Fashion Breakdown…BlogHer’13 fashion

If you follow me on Instagram (you don't? Dude, you're totally missing out) you probably noticed that I recently went to BlogHer'13 (a huge blogging conference in Chicago), thanks to Candle Warmers. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. But honestly, I have only one thing I can attribute all the fun to…

This. Outfit:

Unassuming, simple, sure. But here's why this outfit rocked.

Here's why I like this look:

  • It's dressy, but not too done-up. Plus, everything is machine-washable which is a basic requirement with 3 kids under 4.
  • The pants are SO. COMFORTABLE. They are stretchy, and aren't such low-rise that I'm worried about plumber-butt when I bend over. This was also a must because it was LONG days at BlogHer.
  • The shoes are super comfortable, believe it or not! The platform under the toe is the trick with high heels, as I mentioned here
  • The earrings are blingy, but not so heavy that they hurt my ears by the end of the day. And hey, for $5 the quality is great…I've had them since college!
Don't judge me. I'm no fashion blogger.
P.S…yes, I understand that my head looks huge and my legs look like toothpicks in these pics. While I do have a large head, it's mostly due to Bubba's novice photo angle skills. Love you Bubba, but really? My head looks ginormous.
Here's where I got this look:
  • Forever 21 Tie Tank: On clearance for $9.99. I couldn't find the link to the exact tank, but this one is really close. 
  • Charlotte Russe Earrings: Their jewelry is often 2 for $10, and sometimes even 2 for $8. Can't go wrong with that price!
  • Not shown: I wore a cute mint sweater from Down East when I got cold in the conference center. Got it on sale for $12 I think, also paid for with the gift card.
  • Down East Polkadot Skinnies: I got them for free technically because I had a gift card that I bought them with, but I think full-price they are around $30, not bad. But right now they actually have cute skinnies for $20 which is even better!

Let me tell you about these polkadot pants…

…I'm pretty sure they have magic powers. Because of these pants I enjoyed myself more than you know at BlogHer. I enjoyed…

Speaking with Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman…my blogger idol.
So funny, so cute, I die. I want to be her.
Hanging loose with Guy Kawasaki.
Call me nerdy, but he's a bit of an entrepreneur-idol for my hubby and I. Mostly my hubby, but I'll take pictures with anyone famous I guess.
Becoming best friends with Queen Latifah.

Ok, so maybe I didn't meet her at all, I just took her picture as close as possible like a total creeper…

I also enjoyed…

Jumping around in clear tubes…All. By. Myself.
No really, I was with no one when I did this.
I am super normal.
…Karaoke-ing 'til all hours of the night with friends I made 5 minutes earlier.
Polka dot pants. Ke$ha. Enough said.
Taking pictures with as many props as possible to win as many prizes in the expo hall as possible.
Case and point.
I even posed with creepy Shark guys. Whoa, hands off, buddy!
And of course, being fierce at “the bean”.
Ok so I know I'm wearing two different outfits in these pictures, but how could I NOT show you how sexy I am?
P.S.S…remember my tip about entering to win stuff? Well I entered to win LOTS of stuff at the conference, and I actually won! This picture? Won me $500 to Walgreens! Booyah!
P.S. thanks for everyone that voted. Love ya.
Speaking of entering contests…
Down East is running a contest that you should all enter! 
Guys, seriously, you could win $100. That's, like, amazing! Just take a photo of something you're sporting for summer, fill out the form, and voila! You can even increase your odds by telling your friends about the contest. I am living, breathing proof that if you enter enough contests YOU WILL WIN! So give it a try, and you can own magic polkadot pants too!

Happy shopping 🙂

P.S…sorry for the Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe kick lately, I realize that every post I've done so far has Charlotte Russe shoes and Forever 21 something or other! I can't help myself, every time I go I find killer deals…so that's simply what my closet is full of!



  1. Love your fashion posts! I am a HUGE thrift shop shopper/sale shopper (but mostly thrift, yay Goodwill!) – Love your site, tons of fun ideas. Hugs!

  2. Just curious where you get the tshirts that you layer with. You talked about them in your closet tour (just showing that you had a stack of them). I like to do that with tshirts as well, but I only have ones with a high neckline (so like a crew cut instead of a swoop-type that would be easier to pair with lots of things). Does that make any sense? I’m looking for some that seem to look like the ones you have! Thanks!!

    • Great question! I have gotten them from random places. Down East Outfitters was my old go-to, then the Costco by me started carrying some great stretchy ones…but I doubt all the costco’s carry them unfortunately. Sorry that’s not much help! I’ve had mine for AGES. 🙁

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