What to Wear Wednesday: Frugal Kids Fashion!

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for another frugal fashion breakdown? I thought I'd switch things up a bit and make my kids the stars of the show for a moment by showing you some typical outfits my kids wear, and where I got them from. Let's start with little Miss Sass herself…
Take it away, Priya!
This was on a Sunday. Priya picked out this outfit herself and was all too excited to model it for you.
Yeah, girl.
Work that camera.
Abstract. I like it.
Here's where I got this look:
  • Dress: Yard sale, $0.50.
  • Shoes: Target clearance, less than $3. She adores these shoes and insists on wearing them everywhere. Even though they are too big. Oh well, pick your battles I guess.
The dress is too big on her too, but once again, little Miss knows what she wants. I figure letting a child exhibit a little independence can't hurt. too much. …right?
Now, Hutch's turn:
Here's a “dressier” outfit for him as well.
Why yes, he is sweating.
That's because I had to literally restrain him from sprinting, just long enough to snap a few blurry pics.

 Here's where I got this look:

  • Shirt: Just got it at Carter's over Labor Day in Oregon. Everything in the store was 1/2 off (and clearance was an add'l 25% off) and I had a gift card, so I didn't pay anything for it, but it retailed for around $11 or $12 after the discount. That's typically more than I would pay for clothes, but he REALLY needed dress clothes and Carter's has great quality stuff, so why not!
  • Pants: Gap clearance. In general, I don't buy clothes at Gap very often because of the price (even their sale/clearance stuff). However, once in a while some little gems pop up, these pants were one of those! I got them on sale for less than $10, can't remember how much exactly. I typically try not to ever pay more than $10 for kids jeans/kakis. The pants have the elastic adjustable waist (genius), they are long (always an issue with my tall kids!), and they are thick and sturdy. We bought them big and he'll be able to wear them for 2 years at least.
  • Shoes: Thrift store $2.
Now it's Beck's turn.
We couldn't forget Baby Beck, now could we?!
Other than to church, he usually wears simple onesies or rompers that were Hutch's from when he was a baby (mostly given to us as baby gifts from showers, or Carter's or The Children's Place clearance). So really, not much fashion to show…but isn't he just a sweetie anyway??
Oh actually, this shirt was a yard sale find, so that's thrifty. The pants were $0.99 from The Children's Place from way back when. I bought them in every size, so we have blue baby pants coming out of our ears.
Way to rock it, Beck!

As I was looking through my phone for more pics of my kids actually wearing clothes (they are basically naked basically all the time), I found these all-to-common pics of Priya. They aren't high-cashion or anything, but here are some typical outfits of hers that she sported while we were on vacation in Oregon, just so you can see a variety of where we shop:

Here is a cute top we got at that Ruum sale I posted about HERE. Paid only $2.98 for it. Bought it in every color available.
I paired it with a pair of pink jeggings from H&M that we got on sale last year. (Just FYI, H&M has some pretty great prices on basics for kids!)
…and when those pink pants got filthy, we put her in some shorts we got at the Carter's labor day sale for $2-something….and then those got filthy too.
Here she is sporting one of her cute Garanimals tops from Walmart (as seen in this post)
remember, Walmart and Target both have good, affordable staples for kids' clothes too!
Here's her new swimsuit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! It looks like a cute top and shorts, but it's a rash guard! My one complaint? The shorts are itty itty bitty. Priya's got some gorgeous curvy legs on her, so she can barely squeeze into them 🙁 Maybe once the diaper is gone it will help? Anyway, got it from Zulily for around $10 I believe.
Here she's sporting a cute little hoodie we got from a yard sale (less than $1 usually). The polkadot shirt I bought in Oregon on clearance at Gymboree for $4. The skinny jeans are from The Children's Place. They were having a sale last year, they were $6 with an additional 20% coupon. The shoes were another yard sale find.
Oh, and yes, that is eyeshadow on her forehead.
 In reality, Priya is “nudie” most of the day (as mentioned here). But when she's not in the buff? She's in her PJ's or some other crazy outfit concoction, rocking my high heels. all. day. long.
Even Ivanka Trump noticed, remember??
Red shoes seen in this post,
Pink shoes in this post
Later peeps.

Where do you like to buy YOUR kids' clothes??
See my other frugal fashion breakdowns for more fashion tips and ideas. Happy Hump Day!


  1. AvatarDanielle says

    I'm all about hand-me-downs. Kids grow out of clothes so fast that they often don't get super worn out after just one kid. So anytime friends or family ate giving away clothes I jump on that like a dog on a laser pointer! I also love shopping at thrift stores and Walmart clearance tacks.

  2. AvatarCarol says

    I'm fan of hand me downs, too. When the hand me downs are sparse, mom 2 mom sales are my next favorite way to score cute kids clothes for cheap.

  3. AvatarDania Lisette says

    I LOL'd at the "Abstract. I like it." comment. Really good tips and tricks for find cheap kids clothes. I just got some clothes for a baby shower from Old Navy 79-cent socks, $2.50 shoes in the clearance section. Clothes from Old Navy won't last forever, but it's a good place to get some stables that can be rotated through like socks, leggings, etc. Another great post!

  4. Avatareveofreduction says

    The second best thing about frugal clothing finds for your kids is that you don't have to stress about playing in "new" clothes. Go have fun – and look super cute!

  5. AvatarAshley says

    Your kiddos are too cute!

    I'm not as thrifty as I should be when it comes to kids clothes. Ours wear almost all Gymboree, which is always bought on sale, but still not always the thriftiest choice. I did score a ton of outfits for my daughter last fall which she wore this summer for $10 and under, but typically I would say I pay $15-$30 an outfit, depending on what it is. My son is the same age as yours and I'm noticing that it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy clearance for him, it seems like the bigger end of the toddler clothes goes quickly, we're in 4T now and it seems like they go quick.

  6. Avatarfuncheaporfree says

    You're 100% right. The bigger the toddler, the less clearance items are available for them. But still, I don't have too much of a problem. Sometimes you can stack coupons at stores and buy the full-priced stuff for cheaper than the clearance stuff. You just have to keep your eyes open!

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