Welcome back to “What to Wear Wednesday” where I break down another outfit of mine from this week. This one is one of my favorites for many reasons, but mainly…THE PRICE. Check this out:
The entire outfit only cost me $16.29…shoes included!
Here's why I like this look:
  • As I've already established in other fashion breakdowns, I love that this top is loose-fitting. I feel like loose-fitting tops are flattering AND modest which is great. No skin-tightness needed on this post-baby belly of mine!
  • The shirt's pattern is simple, so I can pair it with just about any sweater, colored skinny pant, or skirt…
  • …Which makes the look versatile from season to season.
  • The skinnies are super stretchy and comfortable.
  • The shoes are SURPRISINGLY comfortable! They offer some height, but because they are a wedge they are easy to walk in and still look casual. I can wear them all day (and have many times before) and they don't hurt my feet in the slightest.
  • I feel like it's a perfect “trendy mom” outfit. I feel like it shows that my outfit was intentional and thought-out, but not like I'm trying too hard…if that makes any sense?
Priya, rockin' the model poses! (…and faces…)

Here's where I got this look:

  • Sweater: $7.99 at Ross. I've had it for about a year now and wear it with EVERYTHING. It's thin, so I wear it for a pop of color even in the summer months.

It has some fun lace detail in the back too.
  • Top: $0.50 at a YARD SALE. Yes, you heard me right. You'd be shocked at how much of my wardrobe is from yard sales! This one just happens to be my favorite top ever right now. It's quality, almost a satin-feeling material. It's machine washable which is a must, and doesn't wrinkle easily.  And like I said before, I feel like it's fashionable but not so trendy that it will be out of date in 2 weeks.


  • Skinnies:  Forever 21 – on sale RIGHT NOW for $7.80! Hurry!


    Click the pic to go straight to the skinnies
  • Shoes: FREE from Zulily. The shoes retailed on the site for around $19 I believe, but I had store credit so I got them for freeeee! How did I get store credit? Easy peasy. I bought something I liked from there (like this coat), then I noticed a “tell your friends, get $20” button on the top of their site. So I did! I posted it on my personal FB wall, and even emailed a few friends who I thought might like the product also. Next thing you know, I had $40! I bought a few more things with the credit, then told even MORE people about it! Now, every time I log in I always have at least a little credit from spreading the word. YOU CAN TOO! So there's no excuse as to why you can't have free shoes too 🙂

There you go! Proof again that looking good doesn't have to cost much.
Isn't that right, Priya??

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Happy Wednesday!