As I mentioned in this post, many of you asked for MORE FASHION in the recent survey y'all took (thanks again for your feedback, BTW!). To keep me on target, I am going to *try* to dedicate Wednesdays as

“What To Wear Wednesday” 

…where I break down at least one outfit that I wore that week. So, here you go!

This is an outfit I wore to church on Sunday.

Here's why I like this look:

  • The shirt fits loosely to my body, thus is very flattering (hooray for no love handles!)
  • I like the pop of color the shirt brings.
  • The skirt is stretchy-ish, so it's comfortable. I wore this outfit to church, then to a baby blessing luncheon after so I knew I'd be wearing it for a long time – comfort is always a must!
  • Plus, the fact that the skirt is denim, it matches everything and can be dressy or casual.
  • The pattern on the shirt allows me to be simple and minimalistic with everything else.
  • It's dressy, but not too done-up. Plus, everything is machine-washable which is a basic requirement with 3 kids under 4.

Here's where I got this look:

  • Earrings: Forever 21…for $2.80. WHAAAT?! I love these and wear them with everything. They are heavy and sturdy, too! (P.S…remember how I mentioned them in this TV segment and compared them to $395 look-alikes?)


  • TopSoel Boutique here in Utah. I got it free because I won a $50 gift card there at a blog event, but technically the top retails for $36. As a rule, I never shop at boutiques though. They charge way too much for clothes. Sorry, but it's true!
I hate these posey-posey pictures. I am SO not a fashion blogger…
  • Skirt: I got it a few years ago from a random store in the mall called Urban Blues.
    • Back story…I was walking through an outdoor mall and saw a denim pencil skirt hanging outside of JCrew's shop. I thought, “wow, that would actually be really practical” and walked on by. About one year later, I STILL couldn't stop thinking about that dang skirt and decided it was time to get me one. Wouldn't you know, NO ONE in the entire WORLD had denim pencil skirts any more! I kept it on my Christmas list for 2 years until FINALLY one day I walked into this store and not only found one, but it fit, it was cute, and it was affordable. I've worn it like a boss ever since. (Crossing my fingers it lasts another 10+ years because I wear it with everything…)
  • Shoes: Clearance at Charlotte Russe. Are you seeing a trend with my shoes? Always clearance. Usually from Charlotte Russe. What can I say…if the shoe fits (and if it's on clearance), buy it in every color!

So there you go! See my other outfits HERE.
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Happy Wednesday!