This is no fashion blog, but I sure do love me some clothes. LOTS and LOTS of clothes to be exact. While I'm no trend-setter, I like to try to look good…and I've learned to do it for very, very VERY cheap.

In the recent survey you took you all (overwhelmingly) asked for…MORE AFFORDABLE FASHION!!! So I'll post my outfits – from basic to high-fashion – and prove to you that you don't have to pay much for a fashionable wardrobe.

Take my outfit from the other day for example:

Why do I like this look?
  • It was a simple outfit, but that's what I was going for. I was headed to a pre-wedding BBQ for my best friend so I wanted to be comfortable, casual, but cute, a bit sassy, and put-together…but not like I was trying too hard. (Man, being a girl is HARD sometimes!) 
  • The skinnies are stretchy and comfortable (key for chasing the kids around).
  • The tank hides my inevitable baby belly gut thing that just WON'T go away after having baby #3 (but I'm working on thanks to my 10-lb challenge!)
  • And the shoes are actually very comfortable (the platform under the toes are KEY to comfortable heels!).
Here's where I got this look:
  • Forever 21 Skinnies – on sale RIGHT NOW for $7.80! Hurry!

    Click the pic to go straight to the skinnies
    • Forever 21 Tank  – Online it's selling for $10 something, but I got mine in-stores for $7.80!

  • Charlotte Russe Shoes. I simply found them on clearance a while back (like the deal I found HERE).
  • (Remember to use EBATES when shopping online…you get cash back for doing absolutely NOTHING!)



Altogether my outfit top-to-bottom was around $20.
Not bad!
See, fashion CAN be affordable!
Even Priya agrees.
Work it, girl!

And a reminder: Just because you don't PAY much for an outfit, doesn't make it poor quality! Check out my closet to see lots of my other clothes, check out how I shop sales, and the top 7 sales you should never miss.See how I work shopping into my regular budget as well.

Happy shopping!