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And just like that…Page, party of EIGHT.

McEwan Fisher Page joined our family at 5:44pm weighing 7lb 11oz, 19.5” long. Other than the epidural tube detaching an hour or two before delivery without anyone knowing (…delivering him pretty much without medication…YIKES…) it was a dream. He’s a dream.

As promised, here are the details about his birth and the story behind his name. But first, the most beautiful birth video ever, if I do say so myself. Grab your tissues and click here to watch the birth story online or click and watch it below:

Thanks to Kallie Cooper with KC Film & Photo kcfilmandphoto.com for filming!

Now, the full story! (And story behind his name…)

On Tuesday (9/25) I had my 37 week check-up. I had been feeling TERRIBLY for several weeks, my body was so over being pregnant. One of the worst parts was not being able to eat much. My stomach was so squished by baby boy that I’d throw up pretty much anything I ate…
(…once over the entire interior of the passenger side of Bubba’s car while driving on the freeway. #StillHorrified #SoSorryBabe!)
I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced at my checkup so my doc warned that if I started having contractions, even if they weren’t strong, to come in and get checked because once in labor I’m bound to deliver quickly.
I had been having intermittent contractions for months but had had nothing notable, and I had been equally dilated & effaced with other pregnancies so I didn’t think much about it but took her advice to heart.
She scheduled my induction for Oct 8 but said there’s fat chance I’d make it that long. She said “I’m on call the next 3 days, then Oct 5, then Oct 8 so you’re going to have to pick one of those.” Noted.
We took some of our kids to Cornbelly’s that opening night while Priya was at tumbling and Beck was at a birthday party. Other than feeling the usual anemia exhaustion I felt just fine.

After Cornbelly’s I met some friends at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate a birthday. I was very cautious to eat as little as possible, but wouldn’t you know, was still up violently barfing in the night (sorry, TMI!). I could tell it wasn’t dainty either, my body was fully trying to contract and rid itself of anything in there. As a result, I noticed my usual Braxton Hicks contractions became pretty consistent at every 5-6 minutes during the night. They weren’t strong, but they were consistent. I tried to sleep but laid in bed thinking about how much still needs to be done before baby can come. Nothing was set up, the house was a mess, no bags packed, I didn’t get my hair cut or my nails filled, didn’t even know where the car seat was. And yet, the thought of getting out of this pregnancy a few weeks early was really exciting and I secretly hoped that this was no false alarm.
I finally got up around 4:30am after not sleeping, and started bustling around my room – cleaning, digging for baby stuff, packing my bags, and doing whatever I could before Bubba woke up.
After helping to get the kids off to school I called my mom and got her on-deck to babysit (just in case), then drove myself to the hospital around 8am to get checked. I told Bubba I doubt they’d keep me and to hang tight until I get word. I had only progressed to a 4.5 or 5, but was having consistent (albeit mild) contractions. My doc said “I could send you home, but I’d bet $100 you’d just be back tomorrow. Or we can keep you and we can do this.” I gave a resounding HECK YES and they admitted me officially.

This series of pics accurately portrays the next few hours, haha.

They hadn’t gotten the results of my Group B Strep test from my apt the day before so, as a policy, had to hook me up to the antibiotic just in case. I had to have the IV in for 4 full hours before they could do anything to progress my labor. The plan was to let me labor naturally until about 1:00, then break my water, give me my epidural, & get the party started.

I hadn’t even brought my bag in from the car, not wanting to get my hopes up that they would admit me, so all I had was my phone, makeup bag, wallet, and a clock to stare at, so I started getting fairly bored. I read, browsed IG, did my makeup, whatever I could do to pass the time. But anyone who knows me knows I hate being tied down – literally and figuratively.

My contractions continued, but mildly and I felt no pain. Bubba arrived and shortly after, my doc broke my water and I got my epidural. I was at about a 6 by then, and history has shown that I usually have the baby within 30-90 minutes from my water breaking.

My epidural started working in parts of my legs right away, but contractions still weren’t strong enough to tell if it was working everywhere else. We are currently uninsured (long story) and I didn’t want to pay for a 2nd vile of epidural fluid so I was saving any button-pushing for the end when things get really painful. Plus, though I use an epidural, I like feeling the contractions to a point. I have a high pain tolerance and don’t mind them; It makes me feel more in-tune with the labor and less like a numb ice block. But once baby is ready to come I’m all about numbing out as much as I can, ha!

After a while they gave me a hit of Pitocin because i was progressing, but the baby wasn’t dropping much. my contractions started coming in STRONG then, and I was shocked by how painful they were. I kept saying “I’m either a wuss or I’m feeling a lot of this still.” I started pushing the epidural button regularly but wasn’t noticing much of a difference. I started getting worried but in no time, Baby was crowning & they frantically buzzed my doc to get her down to deliver baby.

My doc arrived just in time to throw on her gloves and coach me through pushing. As with all my other babies I only had to push about 3 times. But boy, it wasn’t very fun! Whatever epidural had been in my body had pretty much worn off by that point and there wasn’t much numbness to be had. All things considered though, it was over quickly and could have been much worse. Come to find out, the IV clamp came undone at some point and my epidural had simply been leaking all over my bed, instead of into my body.

Note to self: I much prefer deliver WITH epidural than without.

We all expected him to be tiny, with how early he was (16 days!) but were shocked to see that he weighed, to the oz, the same as most of our other babies – 7lb 11oz. (Hutch and Priya were 7.10, Mory was 7.7, Daivy was 7.12…Beck was the biggest at 8.3). I guess my body just knows how big to let them grow before wanting them OUT!

He started rooting right away (and is a champion nurser!) and has the tiniest little cry. He is STRONG and was doing push-ups on my chest, fully lifting his upper body and head. We had been fairly sure about his name but never want to fully commit until meeting him. But as they were weighing and cleaning him off, we declared officially that McEwan Fisher Page was his name.

We snuggled him for a few, then the troops came over to meet him (…and my heart exploded!).

His eyes opened immediately and he looked into everyone’s faces, as if he knew them. Seriously so special.

Not sure what was more magical…seeing my big family that means the world to me…or that first bite of a burger after starving for nearly 24 hours, ha!

I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out the real hero here, though. Bubba was my rock during this whole pregnancy. He never shamed me or made me feel crappy for complaining his ear off for 9 months. He rubbed my bad leg every single night in bed, no matter how tired he was. He cried along with me when I was delivering Mac and it hurt so much. He didn’t even complain once over missing his annual guys trip he was desperately looking forward to (it was the weekend after Mac was born), and never once made a comment about the amount of vomit (sorry, gross) I spewed in his new car on our date night. He even held my hair for me as i threw up all over his door because I couldn’t get the window down in time.

The morning I went into labor he buzzed around the house – cleaning, taking care of the kids, setting up the pack n play and baby stuff, packing treats and nipple cream for me for the hospital without my even asking, even finding and scrubbing out the car seat. It’s no joke or trite statement when I say he’s one in a million and we are all so lucky to have him. McEwan is an absolute clone of his daddy and his eyes shoot open and he comes alive when he talks to him. I can only hope their special bond means Baby Mac will Be just like his daddy someday ?.

The story behind his name…(and how to pronounce it)

On June 12 it was the deathiversary of my Grandma Webster. I took my mom and some of my kids to visit her grave in the Provo cemetery.

While there, I said a little prayer in my heart. “Ok Grandma, I know you’re here. We have been struggling with names for this little guy, so help me out and let me know what his name should be…”.

After walking through the family graves for a while, nothing struck me. But then as we walked further into the cemetery an old headstone with “McEwan” on it stood out to me. It wasn’t a family grave, had no clue if it was even a family name. But it struck me and rang in my head so resolutely, I knew in that moment that was to be his name.

From that point on it was basically the only name that ever seemed like a viable option. Luckily Bubba was on-board with it!

Originally we liked McEwan Clark after Bubba’s dad. But seeing as how Grandma Webster played a role in naming him, we felt it appropriate to give him her maiden name – Fisher.

Oh, and for those wondering, it's pronounced “Mc-you-in”.

It was a good, good day, my heart is full. We are so grateful little #McEwanFisher is here, safe and sound.

We love this little guy.