I did a craft! I did a craft! 
Sound the alarm! Someone call my mother! I DID A CRAFT!
Can you tell crafting is not typically my thing?
I don't know if it's the nesting instinct in me because I'm pregnant or WHAT…but something crazy got into me this weekend. I had some great coupons to Joann Fabrics and went wild! Plus my son was sick this weekend so it was a bit more low-key than usual. 
This craft is so easy, anyone could do it. TRUST ME.

I got the idea from the two tutorials I mentioned in our Super Savvy Saturday post this weekend, the tutorials are found here and here. I added a few twists of my own. 
I'm just like that. 🙂
Here's what you need:
  • I went to Joanne's and got 1 yard of cream flannel and 1/2 yard of green. I chose flannel rather than felt or paper because A) it's softer, I wanted a softer look and B) it was cheaper!
  • I wanted mostly white with a few green “splotches” throughout. Printed fabric would look really cute, too!!

  • I specifically chose a bolt of green that was almost out. I got the “remnant” discount price and got it 1/2 off the sale price, only $0.83 for the green! The white was $2.49 on sale from $4.99. 
  • I used my 25% off coupon to get a discount on all items in my cart, so they went down in price even more. (Sign up for Joann's email list to get coupons too!)
  • I went to the dollar store and got a 13” wreath frame ($1) and some silk flowers ($2 for two bunches). I didn't end up using the flowers, but if you were to buy them, the dollar store is a good place.   All you need is a hot glue gun and a good movie, and you're set!

Here's how I did it:
  •  Trace circles in your fabric. I used a good ol' glass for mine.
  • Trace lightly. I had to trim the pen mark off a few of my circles so it didn't show, but you don't have to perfect with the circles anyway which is great.

  •  Be sure to fold your fabric so you get at least 4 circles for each cut you make.

 Trust me people, you need a lot of circles. I lost count but I'm guessing about 100.
I did less green circles because I only wanted them periodically.

  • I didn't cut all my circles, I only did about 20 white and 8 green at a time. I didn't want leftovers…but that's just me.
  • Once you have your circles, start gluing!

Fold them in half like a taco.
I made sure the fuzzier side was OUT.

 Then in half again.
 They look like a fortune cookie on the inside.
 Put down a blob of hot glue, and stick!
 Put one right next to it and it starts to take shape.

 I found that by sticking my fingers in the “fortune cookie” before gluing helped me get the shape I want.

 This is how it started looking after I glued a bunch. CUTE, right??? I was dying.
 After watching a LONG movie, I had my finished product!
 I decided to glue some of my dollar store flowers on the wreath,
 But I ended up not liking the look. So I pulled of the flower part, left the leaves, and 
Super cute, easy project!

You could use this method for so many things. 
See how cute it looks when there are just a few circles glued together?

Here are a few things I plan to make using this method:
  • Headband
  • Flower accents for a blanket I'm crocheting
  • Necklace maybe?
  • Picture frame for a wedding gift
  • Baby shower decorations
  • Pom poms for my baby's room
  • Flower pin to put on a dress or sweater
The possibilities are endless, though! I encourage you to try it, you won't be disappointed. Try different fabrics and let me know what works for you. I'm curious 🙂
My wreath is enjoying the sunshine on my front door, and yours could too. Happy saving, and crafting, to you!