Want to write a COOKBOOK with ME???


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So, we all know I'm a horrible cook right? But we all know how important I feel it is to cook at home vs eating out all the time, right? And…we all know I am a glutton for punishment by way of crazy projects that pop into my head that I just can't say no to, right?

*Enter new project*

On Instagram and Facebook I posted a question asking what your favorite go-to meals were. The responses (and delicious recipes) came FLOODING in! I found myself writing them down on paper to cook them that week and thought,

“I should print these out…” which led to,

“If I'm going to type and print them, I should just make a printable so I can share them with everyone on the blog…” which led to,

“Well if I'm typing it all up and making it look pretty, I might as well make it an ebook then so it's more legit and easier for people to read…” which led to

“Well sheesh, if I'm doing an ebook, might as well make it a REAL book so people can own a hard copy!”

Which brings us to this question…

Want to write a cookbook with me??

With self-publishing being so easy and professional now days, I've decided I want to create a bonafide, legit, real-deal, bound-to-be-best-seller COOKBOOK!!! How fun will this be?? You will all be co-authors with me, and we will create a cookbook with the exact recipes YOU want to see and cook…because YOU will help contribute them! You will not only get a gorgeous, hard-back (I'm thinking) cookbook to give to everyone for Christmas (right??), but I'll figure out a way for anyone who submits a recipe to get a discount on the final book.

Here's how to submit your favorite recipe(s) for the book:

To submit a recipe photo:

  • Recipes submitted with a photo will get top priority! The photo must be your own – it canNOT be taken from any other source or website. While it doesn't have to be Martha Stewart-looking, poor quality photos will be eliminated from the cookbook. Make sure it has good lighting (set the plate by a window! It will make all the difference), make sure it's not blurry, has little nothing in the background, and make the dish look as appealing as possible.

 To submit a photo, click here and upload it to our dropbox album. Just be sure to rename the photo and include 1) Your full name and 2) The recipe name the photo goes to. If we don't have that info, we can't use the photo!

If you have issues just email the photo to [email protected]

To submit your recipe(s):

  • Simply fill out the form below by March 31 (or fill the form out online HERE). You can submit as many as you'd like! Please make sure it's correct and that you have all the information BEFORE SUBMITTING IT ON THE FORM.  Please please please check, re-check, and double check to make sure you've typed everything correctly. Not knowing the recipe, I will have no idea if it's right or not and don't want to print any mistakes! Recipes submitted are not guaranteed to be included in the cookbook, but we will do our best!


Email [email protected] with any questions or needs. Recipes need to be submitted no later than March 31st to be included in the cookbook. So don't delay and get yours in today!

So excited to be doing this with you guys! Maybe it will teach me to actually like cooking…



  1. Hi Jordan,

    So I follow your blog all the way from Nelson Mandela Bay, sunny South Africa and I wanted to know if I could submit a budget dessert recipe that is popular among my family (and here in S.A)- only thing is, all the quantities are in our standard measurement (mg/ml/kg, etc.). Would this be okay? I know its a shot in the dark to get my recipe picked, but thought I’d ask first?

    Absolutely love your posts and use your tips!

    Thanx for such an amazing blog:-)


    • Of course you can submit it! We can see what we can do to make it fit. Thanks so much for the kind words it means so much XOXO!

      • Oh, so glad to hear that participating is also possible with measurements in the metric system – should I include both measurements in the recipe (I am used to it since I cook lots and lots recipes from U.S.-blogs) or will it make reading and/or formating/layouting too cumbersome?
        Would love to hear from you, all the best from Austria!

  2. Hi Jordan,
    I have another question: your wrote about the pictures and that they have to be selfmade – what about the recipe’s copyright-issues? I have a couple of recipes that I have gathered over the years from blogs – am I allowed to send them in? Do I need to provide that source I got them from? How does one have to deal with these questions (excuse quirky sentences, English isn’t my first language… ;->)?
    all the best from Austria, I am excited to hearing from you!

    • Just make sure to include the origin of the recipe…so “this if from gotmyrecipehere.com” or from a book just include the title and author. Does that make sense?

    • Hello to Austria! Feel free to contribute your recipe, just write it in your own words – add a slight change or two to make it your own and you can definitely contribute. Just let us know the original source so we can give them credit in the book. But that’s how it works! Can’t wait to get your recipes!

    I love cooking and enjoy every second of it
    Will you be interested in publishing my indian vegetarian recipies .
    I can send one or two recipies with photos for your perusal.
    The website is development is in the process
    Love to post my recipies

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