Want me to help you with your finances? For FREE?? [UTAH!]

Help us name our conference and win $50!

FREEBS! I need your help, by needing MY help! I'm knee-deep in a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally incredible project I'm so excited about, it's keeping me up at night and making me break out…while simultaneously making me die inside because I can't tell you all about it yet (how's that for an obnoxious teaser?). All I can say is…trust me. If this pans out, it'll be epic.

So now that you know next to nothing, I need your help!

I'm in need of some volunteers who are desperate for my help! It can be help with just about anything: Whether it's needing help sorting through your jumbled mess-of-finances before you face financial doom, or wanting me to teach you to grocery shop and meal plan on a dime, or maybe you don't know how to teach your kids about allowance and how to manage their money, or maybe you just need a mediator to help you and your spouse figure out how to get on the same page with finances without fighting. Whatever it is, I NEED YOU! In exchange for being part of an exciting project and getting free advice and help from me, there are a few catches (of course):

  • You need to want to hang out with me. Because we WILL become buds whether you like it or not.
  • You MUST be in Utah, and you must be in Salt Lake, Davis, or Utah county. (Though the closer to Draper you live, the more likely you are to be chosen- location matters in this case…you'll know why soon enough.)
  • You'll need to be comfortable with having cameras in your home. But don't worry, the world won't see it. Again, just trust me.
  • You would need to be willing/able to dedicate a full, uninterrupted day (weekday OR weekend) to this project if needed (ex: if you work, you'd need to get work off that day. If you have kids, you'd need to make arrangements for them, etc.).
  • Don't be afraid to apply if your needs are “small” or trivial-seeming in your mind. We are looking for a variety of needs, from large to small, drastic to simple.
  • And most importantly…you must be motivated to change, and willing to take my advice no matter hard or harsh it seems! There's nothing worse than offering advice to someone who asks for it, but isn't really ready to actually hear and absorb it…know what I'm sayin'?

Sound like a hoot to you??

Fill out the form below (or fill out online HERE) to apply!

This is all moving quickly so don't delay if you'd like to be part of this intensely vague project. Thanks Freemigos! Can't wait to hang!



  1. We’re ready! Sign me up! ;). We have five kids so it does get wild here, especially with one car and hubby’s three jobs. We would like to keep the house but everything else is up for grabs/change! Thanks!

  2. I wish I was in Utah. Do you know anyone in Beaverton, Oregon area that can show me how to grocery shop and do meal planning on a dime? I am trying to figure it out but it is getting overwhelming with all the information I am gathering from online. I just need to get started and shown a little so I can get going on my own.

    • I’m from Oregon!! I would go there and help you in a second! Let’s hope I get the opportunity to travel around someday, Oregon would be a definite stop!

  3. Sad face. Can you please come to Iowa? I could use your help and by reading your blog, I can tell we would get along beautifully!

  4. New to this blog and it is helping me improve my life one step at time. Really wishing I lived in Utah right now!!!!

  5. It seems as though wishing we lived in Utah is a common theme, so my comment would not be original or unique! Colorado is just next door…..5 hours in a car is not too bad! 😉

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