Kitchen wall stencil magic! (…a project even I can do.)

Doily wall stencil kitchen accent - super easy to do!With 7 weeks to go until Baby girl comes, I've been nesting with a capital N. As mentioned in my “4 Affordable home decor tricks that make a HUGE impact” post, I've been focusing on affordable, simple ways to make my home feel more complete. One room that's been a real pain my my you-know-what is my dang KITCHEN! I used a simple wall stencil set to make an enormous impact on the space…and it only took me about an hour to complete, start to finish. No, really, easiest project ever. 

(PS: I was not paid to write this post. Not that my opinions or writing would be any different, but just so you can feel warm and fuzzy about this project.)

Now, here's how this project came about…

If you follow me on Instagram you know that back in April we had a #KitchenLeakTurnedBasementDisaster that we are still dealing with (and yes, that's a real hashtag – look it up). The one upside to this expensive disaster is that it finally gave us the push we needed to get our cabinets painted. It made a huge difference in brightening up the space.

Kitchen redoSo now that the cabinets are taken care of, on to the next eye-sore…

Our bulletin board wall.

*enter foreboding music and creepy Psycho shower scene screeching*

clutterIf you recall, these boards were super affordable and easy to make. They are a great solution for our kids' artwork, but putting them in our kitchen was a bad idea. It immediately made the space feel cramped, cluttered, and dark.

We took the boards down, but the wall is so ginormous it looked empty and barren.

Kitchen wallI wanted something that made a big statement, was affordable, and could be easily removed if (when) we (I) changed our minds and wanted to put something else up. (I have serious commitment issues with design, if you haven't noticed).

Enter the problem solver: the cutest doily stencils ever.

Super cute and easy doily wall stencil accents in a kitchen

I wanted a design that looked like a plate collage wall, without my having to invest in plates. (And really, it would've taken a LOT of plates to balance that huge wall…and ain't nobody got time for that.)

I found the perfect stencil set so my friends at Royal Design Studio let me test out their stencils and products for this project.

Wall stencilsI don't really like DIY projects (as you well know) but this is one I would actually recommend! It was super easy, pretty much fool-proof, and was completed in about an hour. Here's how I pulled it off:

Here's what you need:

Here's how I did it:

  • I laid out the stencils and eyeballed how I might want to space them out on the wall.
  • I ripped painter's tape into small pieces and placed the stencils up on the wall so I could step back and make sure it looked ok.

Easy wall stenciling

  • Once placed where I wanted it, I made sure to tack the stencil down with painter's tape really well so it wouldn't lift off the wall when I started painting.

How to stencil walls

  • I followed the directions on the stencil creme and filled just the tips of my brush with paint, tapped off excess inside the cap of the creme jar, and went at it!

How to stencil walls

  • Important tip: make sure to tap the paint on, rather than brush the paint on. By brushing the paint, you're more likely to have the paint bleed under the stencil and go where it's not supposed to.
  • I carefully peeled the stencil off the wall almost right away. Royal's creme is water-based and wipes off easily with water when wet. So I used an old rag to wipe up any accidental paint smears. But ultimately I was AMAZED at how easy it was and how clean the stencil came out. I think having such a thick, quality stencil really makes all the difference.

Wall stencil

  • The next and last step…Repeat!

How to wall stencil - affordable way to make a huge impact

I'm really happy with how it turned out. For an hour of time I can't believe how simple it was and how big of an impact it makes. It really took me off the hook from coming up with something huge and creative to do with this massive wall.

How to stencil walls and make a huge impact (on a budget)!

Our kitchen is almost complete.

Page family kitchen

We just need to get our cabinet doors rebuilt under our sink, and I plan to make those easy, no-sew Roman Shades we showed you how to make the other day!

Kitchen sink

WHEEW. Maybe we'll finally get the kitchen project done in time to retire and move to some remote Tahitian island…

Happy stenciling!



      • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

        Hey Kari! Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend them so I don’t dare say. Nicest guys EVER but they didn’t do the best job, mostly because they aren’t cabinet specialists. They were the ones that repaired all the damage our sink flooding did, and painted our cabinets while they were at it because they said they could. But it was still super expensive and I just don’t think it was quite professional enough of a job for our taste. I would stick with bonafide cabinet guys if who know the process and use the proper paint and equipment if you’re going to invest in a project like that. So I’m sorry I’m not much help!!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Sadly, I wish I knew…it was there when we moved it, and it was a short-sale so we have little to no information on the house 🙁 I’ll dig through the water heater closet, maybe I’ll find an empty paint can or something!

  1. AvatarDani @ Painting Sunny says

    This is random I know, but today I bought a canvas and leather (probably faux) shoulder bag from Aeropostale (where I never normally shop, it was random) that was marked down from $59.50 to $9.95 (That’s not a typo, it was really weirdly a steep discount) and then at the register they only charged me $5.00 for it… apparently there was another promotional discount going! With tax, I paid $6 and some odd cents for what was originally marked almost $60… I can only guess the original price was a mistake or something? Anyway, I’m not sure if they are selling the same things in your area but it reminded me of the types of deals you’re often posting so I thought I’d share!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha me too! I actually HATE doing DIY. But this was pretty fool-proof. I plan to try a bigger project in my bedroom so we’ll see how that goes…wish me luck!

  2. AvatarKari says

    Can you tell me who painted your cabinets? I live in Utah too, so it would be so nice to have a business name. Thanks so much!

  3. AvatarSheryl says

    Absolutely love your idea on the bulletin boards and the stencils! Thank you for sharing your creativity!!!

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