Walmart shopping trip: Price-matching magic, & clearance craziness!

I just got back from my “monthly” Walmart stop. I really don't like grocery shopping much, so I do 1 big trip to Costco, 1 big trip to Wal Mart and only necessary as-needed visits in between. When I do go, I make it COUNT!

Here's how I saved today at Wal Mart:

Before going shopping I always log onto first. I hate coupon-ing, I don't have the time, patience, nor will-power to drive to 10 different stores each week. D2M scours the ads for you, lists the best deals at each store, you make your grocery list, print it out, and price match everything at Wal Mart! (is how I do it, anyway.) ONE store, ONE stop, MAJOR savings. Me likey.  Their membership is only $4.95/mo which I think is completely reasonable, you can cancel at any time. I'm a true believer in price matching, remember?

  • Heading to my first destination I ran into this baby:
A discounted rack of goods. Always take a look!! Remember my love for the discounted bread isle?? The deals weren't as good as I would've hoped this time, but I did get those tasty flavored waters at the bottom for a good price.
 Next I hit up the baby section. I needed a few things, but I try to stop here anyway just to check out the clearance. I found this awesome rack:
And got some super cute (and surprisingly nice for Wal Mart…) cargo pants for $3, and I bought that monkey 2piece outfit to save for a baby gift. Two pieces? $3? Yes puh-lease.
Next I spotted this guy. Pants and sweatshirts for $1. My son sleeps in sweats so $1 sweats is a good deal. They had this girl rack + a big boy rack. The boy rack wasn't marked as $1, but I took a girl pair to the front and she rang the boy ones up as $1 too. Remember to take action and ask for the deal! They might just give it to you, and probably will!
Thanks to D2M I spotted this amazing price-match deal: Kraft 18oz BBQ sauce (any flavor) on sale at Smiths for just $0.69 each!! AHH!! STOCK UP FOR YOUR LIVES, PEOPLE!! That's a crazy-good deal! The usual price is $1.22ea.
 Even the no-name brand cheap-o stuff is more.
 I wish now I would've bought more, honestly.
Oh well. Anyway, next I hit up the produce section. Wal Mart does NOT have the best produce, I'll be the first to admit it. But if you're there anyway, might as well get what you need, right?
Thanks to price-matching here are the deals I got:
Cilantro reg $0.54 each, got 4 for $0.99
Mangoes reg $1.18 each, got for $0.50 each (they were big, yummy looking ones too)
Oranges reg $0.48 each, price-matched at 6lb for $0.99! Yes, this is for real! It's from Rancho Markets, my favorite little secret.
**UNFORTUNATELY they wouldn't price-match this one, I got a strict cashier. Apparently Rancho sells them in 6lb bags, and Wal Mart just sells them loose, so they couldn't honor it. If there had been a male checker I would've gotten him to price-match it, not even kidding. Oh well, next time.
Not that I'm profiling, but male checkers could care less and will nearly always price match ANYTHING, no questions asked!

It was a great shopping day, if you ask me. I didn't use any coupons, I was in and out in 30 minutes, I got everything I needed, and guess what? I saved $43.11 on my bill, just by price-matching and by buying the clearance items. My total bill was $88.14 so I saved 1/2 on my bill by doing virtually nothing!

Woo hoo!

So now are you a believer?
This isn't a one-time bonus shopping trip or anything, this has definitely happened before…like, every time I shop. Seriously. Maybe I pay more than coupon-ers do, but for me, my time is more valuable and my sanity 🙂

So that's how I do it!
Good luck to you next time you price-match 🙂


  1. AvatarJordan Page says

    The best part is…
    D2M finds the deals, then you add the items you want “to your cart” (they call it), then it prints it all out for you in a spread sheet! So I just print the spread sheet and take it in with me, no ads needed. Pretty neat, eh? And I’ve actually never had to show anyone proof before. Just try to get a guy, and the younger the better 🙂

  2. AvatarGanine says

    Is the D2M that same as the penny pinchers site? That one is free and it sounds like they do the same thing? I could be way off base. I have always bargained shopped but, now I really need to get on the bandwagon. Self employment makes that a neccesity 😉

  3. AvatarJordan Page says

    Which Penny pinchers site are you referring to? If it’s the one that I know of, they are pretty different. The PP site I’m thinking of finds deals at stores including clothes, toys, and electronics that are on sale. While that is helpful, D2M is specifically for grocery shopping.
    D2M is a spread sheet basically of all the grocery stores and their best deals for the week. You click the items you want, it adds them to “your cart”, then you print out your shopping list and take it with you. You can then go to the actual store where the deals are happening, or do like me and go to Wal Mart that will price-match EVERYONE’s prices! That way you don’t have to go to multiple stores.
    Does that answer your questions? I’m happy to help any way I can, let me know if you need any additional help!

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