The benefits of a credit card and simple budgeting tips

credit cards

Here is a video to summarize THIS post, since it was a long one!

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I find using a credit card very helpful for my family. The perks are amazing, and it's safer than using cash. However, you have to have lots of self-control. Here is a video that explains how we use a credit card and some budgeting tips to make sure you don't over spend.

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  1. Just a correction to your video: you said that with debit cards your money will not be refunded if your card is stolen – that is simply NOT TRUE in the US. Federal Regulation E REQUIRES banks to investigate electronic fraud including debit, credit, and ach (e-check) fraud and give at least provisional credit within 10 business days of a complaint being filed. It is against a federal law for a bank to refuse to refund you for fraudulent transactions and they MUST accept a claim if you insist. Be aware that banks are able to reverse provisional credit if they can determine that a CLAIM was fraudulent and the consumer actually made the transactions in question. Debit cards are just as safe as credit cards in that regard, but most banks don't offer the perks for debit cards that they do for credit card.

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