15 Valentine’s Day Games for Anyone—Couples to Kids!

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Gather all the candy hearts and chocolate kisses, it's Valentine's Day! These 15 Valentine's Day games are exactly what you need for the whole family or just for the kids! We've even got Valentine's Day games for couples.. after the kids go to bed! Wink!

It's that time of year again! Love is in the air and chocolate hearts are on the shelves. Whether you're looking for a fun and romantic game to play with your lover, or you're searching for a family-friendly activity, we've got some fun Valentine's Day games for you!

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If you're obsessed with Valentine's Day, you're going to love these fun ways to make the day special for the whole family. Don't miss our 25+ Valentine's Day ideas for kids, too! Alright, grab your heart-shaped glasses and let's get on with this list!


Get the whole family involved in the Valentine's Day festivities. These games will have everyone feeling the love!

  • Would You Rather – Would you rather snuggle a porcupine or kiss a skunk? This game will have the whole family laughing!
  • Valentine's Day Bingo – Grab some free bingo printables from the internet and play with conversation hearts!
  • Ping Pong Hearts – This one will keep everyone rolling! All you need is a cardboard box and some ping pong balls. Cut a heart shape out of the side of the cardboard box and decorate if you want. Take turns bouncing the ball into the heart and whoever get the most in a certain amount of time wins!
  • Valentine's Day Minute to Win It – Happiness is Homemade has some great ideas for Valentine's Day themed minute to win it games!
  • Love-Themed Pictionary – Take traditional Pictionary and make it Valentine's Day themed!

These family-friendly games are a great way to make the whole crew feel those Valentine's Day vibes!


Whether you're entertaining kids for a party or just want to find some fun games to play with your own kids this Valentine's Day, these are exactly what you're looking for!

  • Pin the Arrow on the Heart – All you need for this fun game is construction paper! Cut out a heart and a few arrows and let the kids take turns pinning the arrow to the heart with a blindfold.
  • Valentine's Day Memory – This one is great for the little kids! Make your own memory set or find one online.
  • Broken Heart Match – Cut out several paper hearts and tear or cut them into two pieces in a unique pattern. Mix them up in a pile and and let the kids match them up like a puzzle!
  • Chocolate Kiss Hunt – Hide some chocolate kisses and ket the kids run around and find them. It's a little like an egg hunt!
  • Heart Ring Toss – Paint some empty soda or water bottles and toss heart-shaped pipe cleaners.

Trust us, they'll have a blast with these Valentine's Day games!


These Valentine's Day games for couples are the perfect way to reconnect in a fun, yet romantic way this year!

  • Licorice Kiss – This game is most fun in a group with other couples! Each couple get a licorice stick and on the buzzer, couples have to work together to eat the licorice. Whoever get to the middle in a sweet kiss first wins!
  • Love Song Charades – Prepare a bowl full of love song titles and take turns acting them out!
  • Chocolate Taste Test – Grab one of those assorted boxes of chocolates and take turns feeding each other a bite while blindfolded. See who can guess the most flavors!
  • Lover's Jenga – To prepare this game, grab a normal box of Jenga and write an action on each one. It could be something like”sing me a song,” or you could spice it up a little more if you're feeling like it. 😉 Draw a red heart on the end of each stick if you're feeling creative!
  • What If… – What if I was a werewolf? What if I brought home a pet alligator? Have fun getting creative with these questions and hearing each other's answers!

No matter how you do it, make Valentine's Day extra special this year with these fun Valentine's Day games. Whether you plan a special night just for you and your honey, or you make it a family affair, the most important thing is that you make memories!

What is your favorite way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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Happy Valentine's Day!


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