Valentine's Day Love Heart

Are we getting excited for Valentine's Day or what?! I wanted to drop in with a quicker than usual post (because I'm excited to relax and watch a movie with my hubby tonight and I'm really trying to focus on relationships this month). But I had to remind you all of this week's theme, which is Love your Love week. Why?…Love is in the air…it's VALENTINE's WEEK of course! So this week write it on your hand, mirror, or forehead, but do whatever you need to do to remind yourself to focus on your love ALL WEEK LONG and show them how much you care.

This week we are doing a “7 in 7 Challenge”. Each day this week do at least one random act of love for your love. The key? Make sure it's an act of love in THIER love language, not yours! (are you all following along with the book club book this month? You should!).

If their language is words of affirmation, write them a note. Send them a sweet text. Write them a poem.

If it's gifts, buy them a little something sweet to show them you were thinking of them. Leave them a little gift in their glove box.

If it's acts of service, make sure they have a hot meal waiting for them when they get home. Do a chore for them that they normally do, to make their workload that day easier,

Physical touch, cuddle. Offer them a massage. Rub their back. Physical touch doesn't have to mean intimacy, it goes far beyond that!

If it's quality time, turn off the computer, put away the phone, look them in their eyes, and just talk.

My husband's two primary love languages are 1) Quality time and 2) Physical touch. So if you don't mind, I'm going to put my computer away and cuddle with him while watching a movie – distraction-free. Not easy, but that's how he feels loved so I'm going to do it.

Whatever it is, do one little thing for them each day and make their entire Valentine's week one to remember! I hope you all participate and be sure to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using #FocusOnRelationships for a chance to win $100!

Love you all, and have fun Loving your Love this week!