*****UPDATE! I was about to delete this post but decided to leave it active as a good lesson to us all. I've been duped! I thought they were generic eyeshadow palettes that resembled the Urban Decay ones, especially since on Jane.com it didn't show any color names or anything. I was wrong! They are very crafty, serious KNOCKOFFS. It's one thing to buy store-brand Oreos instead of name-brand Oreos. You know what you're buying, when you buy them. These are like buying store-brand Oreos that have done everything they can to copy real Oreos, to make you THINK you're buying real Oreos, hoping to fool you. These are serious knockoffs. They have copied everything from the packaging, brushes, colors, containers, on down to the exact color names. I'm disappointed that I got duped. Buy at your own risk, but I'm going on the record to say that you should save your money and buy the real deal instead of supporting knockoffs. Ok, that is all!! *****


I'm working hard on the rest of my Disneyland series but had to pop in to post this AWESOME deal! It's no secret that I love makeup and am a sucker for it (as shown in my YouTube beauty videos). I was on Eleventh Avenue today and saw the most amazing Urban Decay Naked copycat eyeshadow palettes for just $12.99 on Jane, or $14.99 on Eleventh Avenue!

Urban Decay copycat palettes just $14.99! From FunCheapOrFree.com

There are 3 palettes to choose from, and they are IDENTICAL-looking to the Urban Decay Naked palettes (down to the color names). I'm assuming they are knockoffs because Eleventh Ave never says “Urban Decay”. But sheesh, they have me fooled! 

Urban Decay copycat palettes just $14.99! From FunCheapOrFree.com

This one (#2) is the Urban Decay Naked palette I have (as seen in my everyday makeup routine tutorial), which retails for $54.

Note, this special only has 2 days left on Eleventh Ave and 7 days left on Jane, so I wouldn't hem and haw about it if you're on the fence. Just sayin'. And yes, hemming and hawing is a thing. I'm a hawing expert, actually. Still working on my hemming.

…too much?

Moving on.

My disclaimer: I don't know the quality of eye shadows. But at $14.99 for the entire palette I bought one of each, one for myself and 2 as gifts. I figure it's worth the risk at that cost. Plus, I believe that if you invest in a good eye primer you can make even the cheapest of eyeshadows stay on, and look great (as shown HERE).

So there you go! Again, $14.99 on Eleventh Ave, or $12.99 on Jane.com. Love or hate the knockoffs, I'm going to give it a try while continuing to occasionally invest in designer makeup I love, as I see fit. Life is all about balance, right?