Unplugging magic + HUGE mommy organization giveaway!

Put down your phone and see the magic that happens.

Do you guys remember waaaaay back when I mentioned this awesome motherhood retreat I went to with my cute SIL? Well guess what? I asked the co-founder April to speak to us today to help us wrap up Focus on Relationships month! She is going to talk about the magic that happens when we unplug from our electronics (namely our cell phones), and plug back in to our kids. Has the Unplug Challenge been as hard on anyone else as it's been on me?? P.S: Spoiler alert! She is also giving away some MAJOR prizes so be sure to read to the bottom. Take it away, April!

Hello to all of you! I am April Perry, Co-Founder of powerofmoms.com, a gathering place for deliberate mothers. Jordan's Focus on Relationships month totally supports all we do at Power of Moms, and I'm excited to share some thoughts with you today. At times, we all struggle with distractions that take us away from our children. But I have learned personally about “The Magic that Happens When You Put the Phone Away”:

Unplugging magic

I was sitting at my son's basketball game one night, talking to a friend whose smart phone recently died. She had been using a “non-smart” replacement phone for a couple of weeks until she could get a new iPhone with her plan renewal, but in the process, she noticed something that I think will resonate with all of us:

A smart phone can often become more of a distraction than a help. And by always being available to “everyone else,” we, as mothers, are becoming unavailable to our families.

Have you felt that, too?

There's been lots of talk about what role “the phone” plays in motherhood, and I think we're all trying to figure out the right balance, but it's become more and more clear to me in the past few months that I have to be extremely deliberate about how much time and attention I give this smart phone of mine.

Because there is something else that matters more.

Early last year, I decided that I would only check my email and text messages at certain intervals during the day. Wow, that was a switch, but I'm keeping at it, and it's made a big difference!

One Friday afternoon, I picked up my son Spencer from kindergarten just four hours before I needed to leave to our L.A. Power of Moms Retreat. There were some last-minute emails flying around and a few logistics I needed to figure out, but as I got out of our van, I resisted the urge to check my phone for any incoming messages.

“Hey Mom! Do you know there's a black car down the street that looks just like my friend Phoenix's?” Spencer asked.

“No, I didn't know that. What does it look like?” I responded (with real interest…not distracted interest like I sometimes show).

“It's kind of like a rectangle, and it's kind of long. Do you want to go on a walk to go see it?”

It was raining outside, and I was hungry, and I still needed to pack things up and get the kids settled before I left. Typically, I would have said, “Maybe another time, honey, but we need to get in for lunch.”

But this time, I said, “Yes! Yes I would like to go on a walk. Do you want to take our umbrellas since you didn't get to take one to school today?” (He'd had a bit of a meltdown that morning because I wouldn't let him use a golf-sized umbrella when he walked from the car to his classroom.)

Well, Spencer got the BIGGEST smile on his face, so we went into the garage to get our umbrellas, walked up the street, checked out that cool black car that looked just like Phoenix's, and then made the two-minute walk back in the rain.

I did take out my phone to snap a picture:

And then I realized something about myself that pricked me in the heart a little bit.

I've let myself get too distracted by my phone and my task list and my schedule. And I'm pretty sure I've missed out on some special moments like the one above.

There are all kinds of reasons and excuses–good ones–that I can provide, and I AM with my children for most of each day, but I don't want to miss chances to walk in the rain with my kids or paint nails on the kitchen floor with my daughters or laugh with my husband at night before I go to bed (because he is hilarious).

So I've made the decision that when my kids are around, I'm going to do everything I can to be accessible to them. And that means I've been missing text messages and not responding to emails as quickly as before. But something sweet and precious and magical is happening in my life that I simply can't afford to miss.


Giveaway Time!

If you're in the same boat as I am–trying to get the right things done while still being present with your family, I hope you'll enjoy participating in a huge giveaway Power of Moms is sponsoring here–just for the Fun Cheap or Free audience!

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And for EVERYONE: Here's a Brand New eBook called “Master the Whirlwind” – FREE for everyone!

This 25-page eBook features tried-and-true principles to help calm your mind, tame your task list, and truly enjoy your family. Based on the principles of the international best-seller, Getting Things Done and our Mind Organization for Moms program, it is full of simple, quick strategies any busy mom will love.

To Enter to Win…

Register for free at Power of Moms (link is at the top of the homepage, and you'll get instant access to our New Member Package)

(2) Then in the comments for this post, let us know which one you did and share a way you're trying to be a more deliberate mother.

(This might include one way you'd like to strengthen your family relationships, how you'd like to get more organized, or how you recognized a “magical moment” within your own family and made the decision to put aside the distractions.)

***For extra entries, like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry! Winner will be verified. Winners will be drawn on March 7 so you have until then to enter. Good luck!****

Good luck!
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Thanks April!
Wow, I really hope you guys take MAJOR advantage of those giveaways! Best of luck –


  1. Avatarash says

    I already love Power of Moms – I check it everyday and try to follow their advice (that’s how I’m a deliberate mother!). But a virtual retreat would be so fun!

  2. AvatarRebecca says

    I’m attempting to cook more and have the family sit all together at the dinner table. No phones allowed!!! My 4kids are really enjoying our time together. My husband and I enjoy it the most!

  3. AvatarDona Hightower Perkins says

    I downloaded the ebook and can’t wait to read it! I’ve tried to be a more connected mom by throwing dinner in the crockpot more often so that I can actually sit down with my kids in the afternoons after school and talk about their day, find out what they need, and to help them with their homework.

    • AvatarJennifer says

      Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the M.O.M. program! Please email me at [email protected] dot com and I will arrange for your prize. If you do not respond in 72 hours, we will give the prize to someone else. Thanks for entering!

  4. AvatarSamantha says

    I think that Mind Organization for Moms would help me the most.I’m so scattered-brained, all over the place, overwhelmed most of the time. So I need all the help I can get in trying to figure out how to get and stay organized.

  5. AvatarKim Chance says

    I can’t wait to read Master the Whirlwind! I’m so tired of having piles of paper and clutter all around me. I seem to be constantly working on managing it but it never goes away.

  6. AvatarCynthia says

    I downloaded the free ebook… And one way I’d like to be a more deliberate mother is to be more PRESENT when my kids get home from school…. so not on the computer, or reading or something… but actually being present with them and hearing about their day.
    Cynthia recently posted…My MasterpieceMy Profile

  7. AvatarHeidi K says

    I downloaded your free ebook. I’m trying to be more deliberate in mothering by helping my 4 year old do chores more regularly. She does a little chore and I clean something nearby.

  8. AvatarShelese says

    I had baby #6 4 months ago so it’s time to unplug the older kids and myself and get back to real life again. I LOVED focus on relationships month so much!!! Thanks Jordan!

  9. AvatarHeidi says

    I already have the Virtual Retreat and use the Mind Organization for Moms everyday!! I hope to one day be able to attend a retreat in person!!

  10. AvatarPatty says

    I downloaded the ebook. Then I went STRAIGHT to the site to check it out! Great stuff. Honestly, I can benefit from anything being offered 😉

  11. AvatarCynthia says

    Wow I need this, I have rheumatoid arithitis and have been really struggling with keeping up and really need to get organized. I also liked it on Facebook!

  12. AvatarMarcie says

    I downloaded the book and am already a member of Power of Moms. I try to limit the number of places we have to go and stay home more since my kids are so little. Would LOVE to win!

  13. AvatarMelanie says

    I’ve been trying to really focus on what my girls and husband are needing or saying. I’ve tried to only look at Facebook, Instagram or what ever when the girls or my husband aren’t needing my attention. And I’ve noticed that doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking. But I need to be attentive, aware so that I can see those little clues that they need a hug, or may want to chat but just don’t know how to start. I want my true attention to be available. It’s been hard! But it’s worth it!

  14. Avatarmeghan says

    I decided to take time to PLAY with my two toddlers, not just watch them play while I clean up the messes from breakfast. It was really relaxing and fun and my daughter kept saying the funniest things. It made me realize how many times I miss her funny personality because I am too absorbed in the dishes or sweeping the floor. And I had plenty of time after lunch during naps to clean up the kitchen, so no losses there 🙂

    • AvatarJennifer says

      Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the virtual retreat! Please email me at [email protected] dot com and I will arrange for your prize. If you do not respond in 72 hours, we will give the prize to someone else. Thanks for entering!

  15. AvatarJennifer R says

    I downloaded the book. I’ve made a schedule for me and my kids so we have a plan for our day, and I don’t just let my kiddos sit around watching t.v. all day.

  16. AvatarCamie says

    I downloaded the Ebook. I’ve been trying to make eye contact with my kids when talking to them. And then to ask meaningful questions to what they’re telling me.

  17. AvatarJen says

    I’m already registered at power of Moms! I find that looking at my kids in the eye when they’re talking to me can really make a big difference!

    • AvatarJennifer says

      Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the M.O.M. program! Please email me at [email protected] dot com and I will arrange for your prize. If you do not respond in 72 hours, we will give the prize to someone else. Thanks for entering!

  18. AvatarAbby says

    I downloaded the book. I’m being more deliberate by getting up a half hour earlier each morning. It gives me time to prepare breakfast and sit down and enjoy breakfast with my children, It’s made such a difference! No more rushing and yelling to get out the door on time!

    • AvatarJennifer says

      Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the M.O.M. program! Please email me at [email protected] dot com and I will arrange for your prize. If you do not respond in 72 hours, we will give the prize to someone else. Thanks for entering!

  19. AvatarRachel A. says

    I signed up to the free book and registered to be a member of power of Moms. I am trying to be a more deliberate mom by in the mornings when I tend the neighborhood kids I make sure that the T.V. is turned off and that I am tuned into the kids. We read books and play outside; it is a good way to start the day. And then later in the day I want to get things done it is important to involve my kids. I often get frazzled by the end of the day and am working on having a better bedtime routine for them too. I like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and

  20. AvatarHeather z says

    Downloaded the book, but will also checkout thePower of Moms site. I’m a new mom and am already feeling that the little bit of “us” time with my husband is filled up with TV and Facebook. Hoping he’ll get on board to disconnect during those few precious hours.

  21. AvatarTori says

    I downloaded the book. I am trying to be more aware with my kids. I find I tune out my 3 year olds non-stop talking and I wonder why she repeats things three times! I want to be there with my kids not just in the same room as my kids. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. AvatarSonny B says

    I downloaded the book. I’m trying to read lots of stories with my daughter & cut down TV time dramatically. That smart phone addiction sure is something 🙁

  23. AvatarAndrea S says

    I downloaded the ebook, I’ve tried to be more involved with my two year old and not let my smart phone get in the way of giving her my attention. Also, as a family we try to unplug completely on Sundays so we are with each other without outside distractions.

  24. AvatarStacey says

    Facebook is no longer on my phone— at least one less distraction! 😉
    I also said yes, to my sons request to play with him- despite the mess and needs of the home. But it was worth it! 🙂

  25. AvatarEmily says

    I am taking a looooooong (maybe permanent?!) break from Facebook. Figured out that focusing on my family was more important than keeping up with random people from High School. 🙂

  26. AvatarLillith says

    I downloaded the book. I am trying to only check emails and social media when the kids are asleep and I purposely do not have a smart phone.

  27. AvatarKristen says

    I registered at the website. I am trying to be more deliberate in planning outings with my toddlers, because they love when we go places and spend that time together.

  28. AvatarSamantha says

    Organization For Moms. I’m a mess. The papers, appointments, phone calls, bills I just cannot stay on top of everything! It’s overwhelming and it shouldn’t be! I am making a commitment to only spend a few moments each day, rocking it out as best as I can, getting what I can done and then just leaving it and letting go! So I can get back to the more important things in life

  29. AvatarSamantha says

    I joined the powerofmoms.com
    Downloaded the ebook.
    I liked powerofmoms Facebook page
    Am following on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  30. AvatarJaden says

    I downloaded the e-book and am trying to be a more deliberate Mom by reading with my daughter each night and spending 10 minutes on the floor playing with my one year old son each night as well 🙂

  31. AvatarStacey says

    I downloaded the ebook. I have been trying to involve my children in my to-do list more. Also I am trying hard to recognize that it’s not about a clean house, but about how my relationships are with my family members at the end of the day.

  32. AvatarShelly R says

    I downloaded the ebook. I am trying to be a more deliberate mother by putting my cell phone away and focusing my attention on my daughter. She should not have to compete for my attention with electronics.

  33. AvatarAmy says

    So hard! To unplug! I don’t even know why we do it to ourselves too because we see these “perfect” moms on social media when we secretly know they really are not because let’s face it no one can “do it all” and “have their stuff together” at the same time. I need to find a boot camp for unplugging.

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