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traveling with baby - feeding must-haves!

So…want to know a secret? We're going on a cruise! Don't worry, I will have LOTS of details on how we made it fun/cheap/free when I get back. In the meantime I thought I'd show you ways that I'm prepping. As you can imagine, traveling with 3 kids under 4 is not easy…expecially when your youngest is a baby. However, it doesn't stress me out any more. I have learned that as long as you are prepared and have the right tools, it can make your life a WHOLE lot easier. When it comes to traveling with a baby, here are my favorite must-haves that make feeding a breeze:

Fabric High Chair

traveling with baby - food must haves

As I've mentioned before, a fabric high chair is the best tool known to man. It works for babies, toddlers, or husbands.

It's fabric and packs up so small, I keep it in my diaper bag when we travel. It fits on any chair, and it adjusts to fit pretty much any size kid that needs to be restrained. I LOVE IT. My mom actually bought this for me for my baby shower when my oldest was born (great gift idea, right??). Works great for when people come over for dinner and we don't have enough high chairs to go around, too.

Formula dispenser

tips for traveling with babies


As mentioned before also, you CAN NOT live without these formula dispensers when traveling! At less than $3 ea, I have two and use them all the time. I always leave a full dispenser and clean bottle in my car in case of emergencies, in addition to having one in my diaper bag. Beck just turned one and doesn't need formula any more, but I still keep it with me in case of an emergency. Water is easier to come up with than baby food or milk, so it's nice to have formula on-hand!

They also work for big kids! Put Gatorade or Kool-aid mix in there to keep your kids happy on the go.

Stainless Steel Thermos

baby travel must-haves

What good is formula without warm water?? Take a stainless steel thermos with you and you'll always have hot water ready to go. As mentioned before, I fill it up with piping hot water at the beginning of the day and it will stay warm all day long.

Take-and-Toss cups and bowls

baby travel must-havesbaby travel must-haves


I use these take-and-toss cups cups every day. They are my kids' drinking cups at home. They are great to travel with though, because they are sturdy, the lids don't leak, and as the name says, they are easily disposable so you could use them and toss them as you go if you don't have the ability (or interest) in washing them out and packing them back home with you! At less than $3 for a 5-pack it won't hurt your wallet if you end up needing to toss them.

Same with the bowls and utensils. We use them every single day, for every single meal. We put them in the dishwasher again and again, but I also use them exclusively when we travel. For travel they are perfect for packing food and snacks. Again, the lids are genius. They fit on tight, they don't come off, the bowls are super sturdy, and we can toss them without feeling bad, or keep them and use them at home.

Toy and Cup Bungee

baby travel must-haves

As mentioned before, I can't live without these toy and cup bungees. They are pricey and yes, mine have broken with time. BUT…they are worth the cost because they WORK! Have you ever dropped a sippy cup or bottle on an airplane? Do you know what happens when you do? It rolls to the pilot, is what! Gone forever. Keep those babies strapped to your baby. Car seat, stroller, wrist, you name it. They are fabulous.

Disposable Bibs

baby travel must-haves

Have you ever tried to pack dirty, stinky, sticky, nasty bibs home with you from vacation? It makes my skin crawl. Even if I wash it out in a sink and hang it to dry, it smells like baby food and barf by the time we get home. This trip I'm bringing disposable bibs with me. At $6 for 32 of them it's worth the investment! Especially on a cruise to the Bahamas because it's hot and we will have zero access to a washing machine.

Travel Food Pouches

baby travel must-haves

I just bought some of these and can't wait to try them. My baby LOVES baby food in a pouch, but it can be expensive to buy them. Fill the pouch full of store-bought baby food, home made baby food, or simple food like yogurt, and freeze them or pack them as-is. Grab and go, let the food thaw while you're out and about if frozen, and BAM. Fresh baby food, without needing bowls, spoons, and bibs. I'm excited to try it out.

So there you go! Those are some of the things that make traveling with my little guy a breeze. Stay tuned for LOTS more info on our awesome trip and how we're saving so much money while getting a tan.

Bon Voyage!