Party Hacks
WOW I know this is late, but for Super Savvy Saturday I thought I'd FINALLY give you the complete “how-to's” for the showers I've thrown recently! They were a lot of work, but a TON of fun. All the showers were for baby girls so I was able to double-up on decor which was really helpful!
**The pictures of the blue and yellow decor are pictures of the shower that was thrown for me by my friend Shannon at Plum Street Prints. Even though I didn't throw it personally, I thought I'd share her cute ideas too!
It was worth the work; the showers were a blast!
I hope you enjoy 🙂

Here's what I did:



I tried to do mostly decorations that could be re-used. This cut down on cost BIG time.

I've stopped doing the tissue pom-poms (they DON'T save well, I was wrong when I mentioned you could HERE) and decided to do paper lanterns instead. However, Shannon added some tissue poms to her blue lanterns (see below) and it looked adorable! So either way I guess…
The pink and orange lanterns I got from Target for $2.50 ea.



This cute striped one below I got from Xpedx for around $5.

You can also get tons of colors from Zurchers; that's where Shannon got the blue lanterns.

Banners are a quick and easy way to spice up a room, or to draw attention to your food table.
 Shannon did double-sided triangles and sewed them to a ribbon. She sewed the triangles together with a sewing machine then used shaped scissors to make the edges zig-zag. So cute!


I made the no-sew banner in no time, it was so easy!

Here's how I did it:

I got 1/8yd of 4 different types of fabric (soooo cheap!), folded the fabric on itself until I got 4 equal pieces of each type of fabric. I did that so I wouldn't have any scraps leftover.


I simply measured and cut a triangle out of the middle of one of the sides of fabric like so:


I got some coordinating yarn that I had lying around, and simply hot glued the fabric to the yarn. I made sure the flags were spaced evenly.

I added a big drop of glue to the back of the triangles at the bottom of the flag to weigh them down so they would hang nicely.

If you look really closely you can see it here:
I chose not to hem the edges of my flags because I wanted the shabby look, but you could do a simple zig-zag stitch or something to give it a nice edge.
And that's it! Super cute and easy, AND you can reuse them again and again!

  • I made some Mod Podge letters of the baby-to-be's name to decorate the table, as well as give as a little gift to my friend to use in the nursery if she wanted. Learn how to do them HERE.
  • It's always fun to make your own cupcake stands like this one:
I made my own for my son's birthday, see how HERE.
  • I also made this cute polka dot garland. Get the how-to HERE, it's so easy!


  • For table cloths I got plastic clothes from the Dollar Store and was able to reuse them or both showers. For the picture above I did a dark pink with a light pink on top that I wrinkled and “smushed” to give the table some texture and “filler” decor.'
  • Shannon used tissue paper to decorate her tables. 
You can use this tissue later for plenty of other things!
  • We both used picture frames to display things; Shannon displayed her custom invitation (see picture above), I used them to label the tables and some food items.
  • We both made custom invitations and food labels using GIMP. See how I made this one HERE:

  • Flowers are a beautiful way to add a lot of pizzaz to a shower or party, but they can be pricey! These are silk flowers from my wedding in 2007 that I've held onto. They really added a lot of pop to the food tables and take-home-gift tables.
  • I started shopping early and kept my eye out for great deals. I found this purple flower bowl and matching polka dot canister at a craft store for super cheap.
Always check clearance, and get started on decor as early as possible!
  • I wrapped an empty box to use as a food stand. It gave the table a little extra dimension and added more levels. This is also a cute way to display cupcakes!
  • I made some easy tissue pomander balls, learn how HERE.

One tip I have is…accept help! If anyone offers to bring food, LET THEM!
There was quite a variety of food items at the showers:
Cute dipped pretzels (so easy to do! See HERE)…
Shannon had coordinating blue and yellow candy on the table as a snack,
and candy could also be a cute take-home gift to put out coordinating candy and cute baggies for people to take home their own candy bags.


I made a triple-layered fondant cake,
see how to do that HERE.
Simply add more layers and you've got a cake that looks like this:

and if you're feeling extra crafty, learn to do easy fondant HERE.
And Shannon made this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Blue Velvet cake. She said the frosting was easy to do, you just use a flat decorating tip and go back and forth!
I made fruit salsa and cinnamon chips, recipe found HERE


and Shannon made these cute chocolate-dipped jumbo marshmallows.
  • We did a variety of dips at the shower, they were all super yummy! There was my pico salsa, EASY black bean dip, fruit dip, spinach artichoke dip, Queso, etc. We also had a variety of things do dip them in (chips, pita bread, bread, veggies, fruit, etc.





I, personally, think games at parties are clutch. At a baby shower it eases awkwardness for those who don't know anyone there, it allows for fun conversation, and it's a great way to get to know the mommy-to-be better!

Prizes don't have to be expensive! Often time a candy bar with a ribbon around it is the coveted prize. Keep things cheap and simple.

Baby shower games I've done:

  • Write down as many Sesame Street characters as you can in 3 minutes; live people and/or puppets. The most characters wins.
  • Interview the husband and ask him questions about his wife's pregnancy (her cravings, her favorite and least favorite part about being pregnant, what she's looking forward to the most, etc.) and see how many answers you can match.
  • Put out 20+ baby items on a tray, give people 1 minute to memorize as many as they can, then give them 3 minutes to list as many items as they can remember. The most items remembered wins.
  • Take the labels off of 5-10 baby food jars and number the lids with permanent marker. People have to guess, without opening the jar, what the baby food is. The mom gets to keep the food when she's done. Be sure to write down a key of what the food is before you take the labels off!
  • Melt various candy bars in diapers and have people guess what type of candy it is. Most of them look like nasty poop, so this one is pretty funny.
  • Write the baby-to-be's name, or the mom + dad's names at the top of the paper. Give everyone 3 minutes to create as many words as possible using only the letters from the names. If anyone else has the same word they have to cross it off. Whoever has the most words left wins.
  • Name as many baby items as you can think of in 3 minutes. If anyone has the same item you have to cross it off your paper. Whoever has the most items left wins.
  • Guess how many toilet paper squares it takes to make it around the mom-to-be's belly.
  • Each person cuts a string to be the length they think will measure the exact size of mom-to-be's belly. The person with the string that fits around her belly the closest wins.
  • Write the baby-to-be's name or the mom or dad's name vertically down the left side of the paper. People must come up with a  “baby thing” for each letter of the person's name. For example, ANN might be: Apple sauce, Nap time, Nuk binkies. You try to match what the mom will write on her paper. The most matches wins.

An activity I did at the two showers I threw was a hair bow station. It was a fun way to keep your hands busy while making little gifts for baby-to-be!

Here's how I did it:



I used washed baby food jars to display little jewels, pearls, and to organize the scissors, glue sticks, alligator clips, etc.



I got this little box at Target for $1 to put the finished bows in.


I bought 1/8 yd of different colors of tulle when it was on sale for super cheap.


I bought some cute (and yummy!) matching suckers on clearance for people to snack on while they worked,



I started stocking up early on ribbon that was on sale, and I always used coupons.



I collected fabric scraps from friends, and from my own project leftovers. I collected all the ribbon I had, even if it was a nearly empty spool.
I displayed some example bows that I made in advance (not shown) and had one person at the table designated to show people how to make them. Get the tutorials HERE.
It'll be a big hit, I promise!




At the end of the party it's nice to send people home with a little “thank you for coming” treat.
  • For my shower Shannon made yummy bread loaves and put them in these cute bags. She printed her own labels and simply stapled them to the top of the bags. So cute!



  • For me, I started shopping early for the showers and was able to find these perfect frames for $0.50 each on clearance at Joanne Fabrics!


I made a little note for each that said “Thanks for coming”, then displayed them on a card table covered with a Dollar Store table cloth, and left them by the front door for people to take on their way out.
  • For the other shower I made candy pill bottles since the mommy is a pharmaceutical rep. See how I did those HERE.


Last of all, be sure to ENJOY your shower! Set up decorations, plan the favors, food, games, and theme as far in advance as possible so you can enjoy the day like everyone else.
Hopefully all these ideas help! What things have you done at parties that you enjoy?


(me and shannon)
Happy partying to you!