Well, as I've mentioned in the last few posts, something big. Huge. Amazing. SO DANG EXCITING is going on RIGHT NOW!
I'm taking a QUICK break from filming with…
They contacted me to be on their new season of Extreme Cheapskates.
Last season…er…didn't go over so well with audiences (because all the stuff they showed was totally gross. Google it. You'll throw up in your mouth a little.) so this season they are taking a whole new twist on things.
They are highlighting people who live very WELL, on very LITTLE…and that's where I come in!
After a few EXHAUSTING weeks of preparing,
me, way too late last night finishing up the final preps for the filming…
The time is finally here! We've had lots of fun filming today.
My parents even came to town to be in it!
Oh, hey ma!
 I have been taking lots of behind-the-scenes footage that I can't wait to share with you.  Follow me on Instagram account for play-by-play action, behind-the-scenes looks, and sneak peeks of the episode to come this fall!
I am SO EXCITED and humbled by this opportunity. Can't wait to see it! …I hope it's not too embarrassing…
EEEEK! So exciting!!