As Christmas approaches there are quite a few things on our to-do lists. For many of us, I'm sure one of them is:

If you remember from this list of random facts about me HERE…I hate to bake. Hate it. Thus, I look for any creative treat that DOESN'T involve baking!

I saw this idea originally HERE and thought it was a clever way to: 
1) Avoid even more baking around the holidays
2) Surprise someone you care about with a fun, unique treat
3) Repurpose something (tin cans) that you would otherwise throw away.
Sounds like a winner to me!
Tin Can Treats

Here's how you do it: 

  • As you use canned food, open the can from the BOTTOM rather than the top. I happen to have a safety can opener that cuts around the outside of the can, which makes this project a lot easier. However, use whatever you have.
  • Remove the label and wash out the can (and lid) really well. You could even run them through the dishwasher on the top shelf.
  • Fill the can with candy or treats.
  • Glue the bottom back on with hot glue. I learned the hard way that less is more when it comes to glue. Do a few dots here and there, just enough to secure it.
  • Apply a cute custom label. I'm no graphic artist, but here are some labels you can use:

(Right click the image, save to your computer, print, and voila!)

15 oz label – 10in x 4in

8oz label – 8.5in x 2.5in

  • Fancy up the can however you'd like, add some cutesy bows or whatever you creative people out there do, and voila! Done and done! Look at what cute things these other bloggers did:

So turn off your oven and enjoy this easy way to present treats. This can be done for other holidays too; how cute would it be for Father's Day or Mother's Day?
I know, right?