Tin Can Jack-O-Lanterns: Cheap and Easy Fun Halloween Craft!

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Are you ready for the cutest and easiest Halloween craft there ever was? Meet the super fun tin can Jack-O-Lanterns! You'll have a blast making them and they're perfect for school parties and home decorations!

Easy tin can jack-o-lantern from Fun Cheap or Free

EEEEEEEK…Can you feel it? Halloween is COMING! I've been a bit on survival mode with Bubba being gone for several months and my being reeeeeally pregnant (only 7 weeks to go! woohoo!) so I haven't had two seconds to think about Halloween…until now. Don't you worry, I plan to bring you tons of fun, cheap, or free Halloween ideas to make your season spooky and bright.

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First up? Some adorable tin can pumpkins. This is the cutest Halloween craft ever and is almost like a Mr. Potato Head activity (because you can mix and match the face pieces), but Halloween-style! Let's get to it!

This fun Halloween activity can absolutely double as a decoration, which is pretty much the best thing EVER! Not only is it super fun mixing and matching pumpkin face pieces, but this little project is nearly free to make! Let's get started.

Here's what you need:

Here's what you do:

  • First, spray paint the cans orange.
  • Then, cut some Jack-O-Lantern faces out of card stock. We used my SilhouetteĀ cutting machine, but there are many templates online. Even free-handing or tracing some face pieces would work well.
  • Next, use a glue gun to glue small pieces of magnet onto the backs of each facial feature. We cut up magnets that are used for advertising (you know those magnets that are stuck to the front of phone books and such).

If you don't happen to hoard strange things, (like advertisement magnets) you can certainly grab some self-adhesive magnet sheets from Walmart for about $2.

Once a magnet is attached to the back of each facepiece, it's time to play! Let the kids make Jack-o-lantern faces of all sorts! It's likely you'll want to make some of your own too. šŸ˜‰

Tin Can Jack o lantern pumpkin, from Fun Cheap or Free

  All the spare pieces can be stored inside the can.  

Tin Can Jack o lantern pumpkin on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free
Tin Can Jack o lantern pieces in the can, from Fun Cheap or Free
cute tin can jack-o-lantern, from Fun Cheap or Free
stacked tin can jack-o-lantern cans, from Fun Cheap or Free
can jack-o-lanterns in a row, from Fun Cheap or Free

We have had a great time mixing and matching the pieces! Wouldn't this be a great addition to a Halloween party?!

Looking for more fun Halloween ideas?

Happy Halloween-ing!

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