Yesterday I posted a video, and a bunch of tips for thrift shopping success. What can I say…it inspired me! I hit Deseret Industries (D.I) which is an AWESOME thrift store. My goal was to find some new toys, books, and kid shoes. Here are some great deals I got today:

  • I, of course, hit the book section first. Remember? Libraries and thrift stores (and yard sales) are the ONLY places I buy my kid books! They are always in amazing condition, no need to pay full-price. Ever.

  • I got an Elmo “busy book” for church (every component is soft so I'm just going to toss it in the wash on a hand-wash cycle. If it dies, I've only lost $0.50.)

  • I found these cute wooden letters with that make up my son's initials. Someday craft project for his room.
  • I got an adorable tote for the pool, and a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW backpack! I opened it up, has never been used before. Boo ya. The red bag was $1, the backpack was $2. Backpacks are perfect for a day at the zoo or pool, somewhere where you need lots of stuff and don't want to carry around a massive diaper bag (and need all your appendages to be free…). I also got a Carter's diaper bag for $1. It's a little dirty on the bottom so I'm going to throw it in the wash. It was cut out of the picture, oops.

  • I got this awesome doll house with a few accessories still inside for $3. I took a bunch of lysol disinfecting wipes to this baby, it's sparkling like new. (In fact, I take lysol wipes to EVERYTHING – even the books, page by page. The idea of someone else's goobers creep me out, so I use about 50 wipes on everything. So worth it.)¬†

  • I got these awesome kid shoes. Let me tell you, toddler boy shoes are HARD to find in good shape used. Boys are just hard on their clothes! But I managed to find two pair for my son – some athletic shoes, and some new-looking leather church shoes. $4 each…which, I feel like I can buy shoes NEW for $4, but I figured it's a good enough deal not to pass them up.

  • The girl shoes, however…I made out like a bandit! I got some pink suede Baby Gap boots, brand new (tag still inside) target tan baby boots with faux fur inside, some real leather floral boots, and some cute sparkly church shoes for Priya. All $4 each.
My most exciting find of the day: This beauty!
Most of the big toys were marked at $15-$40, which I felt like was waaaay too high. But tucked in the back behind all the weird stuff like yard equipment that you don't even know what it's for, was this awesome kitchen. It didn't have a tag on it, so they gave it to me for $12. Bingo.
My son loves it! …and I'm sure Priya will to once she's old enough.

I even see play food and utensils at the dollar store, so I'm going to stock up next time I'm there.
It was a good day, and gave me garage sale fever! I can't wait for this Saturday, I'm on the hunt for kid's clothes and am ready to shop.
And remember…thrift store baskets are a fun gift idea! Check out my gift to a friend¬†HERE, and check out the LOT of loot I gave my son for his 1st bday HERE.

Happy shopping…