Playdate with SLC

Utah friends, I hope you are reading this! As we have been Focusing on Relationships this month, we have really tried to concentrate on doing quality activities with our kids. Let me tell you what…it's been hard! We never know what to do with them as a family that doesn't involve going out to eat, or watching a movie. It's been pretty frustrating, especially in the winter. A weekend will pop up and we ask ourselves, “what should we do?” …especially in the winter…and we never have the answers and usually end up sitting around having dance parties in our kitchen. It's tragic, really.

I found out about this book called Playdate with Salt Lake City. It's the most organized, helpful, useful book on the planet. It helps you find anything and everything there is to do in Utah with your family! I keep the book in my night stand and every Friday night we flip through it and find something fun to do with the family for the weekend. It's been a life saver. The good news? I have one to give away, as well as an exclusive 20% off coupon code!

Things to do with kids in Utah

Enter to win one Playdate SLC book by using the widget below! For everyone else who doesn't win (I wish you all could!), be sure to use the code QUEEN20 to get 20% off your book! This is the PERFECT Christmas gift for someone, or a great gift for yourself if you live in Utah.

The winner will be drawn on Sunday 2/23 so hurry and enter while you can! Good luck 🙂
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