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The Page Project - dream home renovation! #ThePageProject,

So…we bought our dream house! This page will give you The Page Project back story, keep you up-to-date on the process, will show you videos and tours, give you info on materials used and where we bought things, answer your FAQ's, and more! Be sure to follow #ThePageProject process on Instagram or Facebook, and get live tours by following me on Periscope (@FunCheapOrFree). Here's to working hard and following your dreams!! XO


Why I'm not ashamed of this house:

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Can I get real for a sec? Pardon the emotion, but after wrestling with myself for hours, I need to share this. After closing on our new house today I had a quiet moment to myself in the house before anyone arrived. I was bursting with joy/gratitude/unbelief that we are blessed enough to be owners of our dream home. I was (am) overwhelmed. I couldn't wait to share with the world! Then I squashed the thought because…well this house is huge. And though we got it for a fair deal, it was expensive. And it's fancy. Way more than we will ever need. I found myself trying to find ways to cleverly hide the square footage from people, or hide things from pictures because I didn't want anyone to judge us online, and certainly never want to seem like we are flaunting or bragging. But hiding just isn't my style. So here it is. This house is 8,600 sq feet of pure awesomeness. Sure, it needs some work, but it's far beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. And we worked our BUTTS off for it. The last 4 years we worked tirelessly to save triple digits in our bank account to be able to get a house like this. We said no to some vacations. We drove old cars. We shopped second hand. We didn't eat out much. More importantly we put in long hours and worked really hard. We sacrificed good things, with this GREAT thing in mind…and it's paid off…and I've decided I'm not going to be ashamed. I want anyone out these who ever doubts whether dreams are possible to stop lying to yourself because with hard work, focus, and being disciplined with your money, anything is possible. ANYTHING! We are not rich. We didn't win the lottery. We just worked really hard and tried to keep laser focus. We made lists and set goals years ago that are now paying off. I promise it works, and it's worth it. I apologize in advance if this house hooplah makes you roll your eyes, or want to gag. Not my intent obviously. Just excited and hope you can see how proud we are of it, not because of the custom features, but because of the sacrifices we made to get it. I can only hope the same for you all someday ?#ToHappyToHide (full video on my FB page) #ThePageProject

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Get ALL the details on our 3 houses, what we paid for them, and how we were able to afford this one: (Watch online HERE or click and watch below)


The Page Project - dream home renovation! #ThePageProject,




Why did you buy this house?

Why not?? I mean, look at it! *insert heart-eyes emoji* Ok all joking aside, the home is my “thing”. I don't care what car I drive, or what purse is slung over my shoulder, or what labels are on my clothes, or even if we never get around to exotic travel. My most important priority has always been the home. Our goal has always been to have a big, beautiful, kid-friendly home and to make it the place where all the kids and neighbors want to hang out. The last 2 houses we have lived in have been purely investment houses. We planned for each of them to be “5 year flips”; buy them for the location and value, make them look pretty, then sell them for a big profit and put that profit into our forever home. We made a dream list years ago with our top 10 FOREVER DREAM HOME list (5 for Bubba, 5 for me), plus a list of over 40 “would be amazing to have” items. We figured if we found a house that had 6 out of 10, 3 of his and 3 of mine, then we found a great house that we could settle down in and raise our kids in. Our plan is that this is the last house we will buy, until we retire and go live on some deserted island somewhere or something. We have been hard-nosed focused on finding that “dream home” and looked pretty regularly for the last 4 years. It took a lot of patience and a lot of saying no to fine houses, waiting for our amazing house to come along. And it did! This house had 9 out of 10 of our list!! We honestly couldn't even believe it. No house has ever come close. And it was in the exact area we wanted to live in! In our price-range! When we walked through the house I didn't even make it 10 feet past the front door before I looked at our agent and mouthed “this is the house”. I had a literal physical reaction when walking in. My pulse quickened and I felt overwhelmed with love for the house. I pictured our kids running through it, and knew without a doubt that it would be our forever home someday. We actually lost the house at one point to another family because we didn't sell our house in time. It was a devastating blow that left us reeling. But through a twist of fate the sale fell through, we jumped on it and went under contract, taking a huge leap of faith, then got a full-priced offer on our home the very next day. It was a miracle. I pinch myself every day, still not quite sure how this happened. God is good, what can I say?

How can you afford it?

Great question. There's no easy answer other than…freaking. hard. WORK. We have no inheritance or trust fund, we didn't win the lottery, we didn't rob a bank or join the mafia. We worked dang hard, and have managed our money really, really, really well over the years. (Learn how we did this HERE!) I promise to do a video on the full story – start to finish – sometime very soon! But let's just say we have been blessed. Bubba is a good entrepreneur who has built two successful businesses from the ground-up, and we have been very conservative with our money. We also fought for 12 months to buy a 1/2-priced short sale (our last home) and fixed it up a bit, knowing it would lead to some MAJOR cash upon selling…which it did. It brought us several hundred-thousand dollars when we sold. After paying off my parents (who invested in the house), it gave us a good chunk of change to put down on this house, bringing the mortgage down significantly so it fits comfortably in our “70% rule” (less, actually), and gave us a little extra for some renovation projects (namely carpet and paint to start).



Where is this house located?

In Utah! That's all I'll say, because I don't want scary stalkers coming and chopping me up in the middle of the night. Though, I dare them to because I have a 120lb dog, several guns, and a killer security system. But still…

How much did you pay for the house?

You know, that's one thing Bubba asked that I don't publicly announce. But we got it for well under it's appraised value, and got it for a very VERY competitive price-per-square-foot. We bought it for less than what the land alone would be worth if we bought a lot this size in Utah. I'm sorry that's vague, but I need to respect his desire for me to have at least one filter in my life, ha!

How big is it?

8,600 square feet. Yes, that is giant. Yes, that is more than any one family will ever need in a lifetime. Yes, it will be hard to clean. And yes, I love every square inch of it! I've always wanted a GIANT house (8,000 was my dream number) and in Utah it's not too hard to pull off because we have ginormous basements here.

How big is the property?

1.5 acres. Our dream was 1 acre so this far exceeds our wildest expectations! Yes, it will be a beast to maintain. Yes, the yard is overgrown and needs a TON of work. But I grew up in the forests of Oregon and my greatest wish was for a killer yard for my kids to run, play, and explore in. The yard is really what sold us on the house, and we are so excited for it!

How many bedrooms does it have?

It has 4 bedrooms upstairs – master + 3 smaller bedrooms that we will use for our family. It has a guest room on the main floor that I will be using as my office. It has a murphy bed in it so we can use it when guests come if we really need to. The basement has our main guest room in it, and an optional 2nd room with an accordion wall that can be pulled closed to create a small guest room if needed. So 6 technical rooms + the “optional” funky accordion room thingie, if you can count that (which you technically can since it has a window and closet I guess…).

How many bathrooms does it have?

If you can believe, it has 7 bathrooms! Master bath + two more upstairs, 2 on the main floor, then 2 in the basement. The original owners must have loved their bathrooms! The crazy part is they are all FULL bathrooms! Yup, every single one has a shower. Yes, I will be going through lots of scrubbing bubbles during our years in this house…

How do you plan to keep a house this big, clean??

I don't. I mean heck, we can't even keep a hotel room clean when we stay in one, it doesn't matter the size of the house! We have (soon to be) 5 kids 6 and under, for Heaven's sake. Our house is never spotless. But in terms of staying on top of the messes… …child slave labor. Ok just kidding. Not really. Kind of. My kids help out around the house. My 6 year old is in charge of cleaning the toilets, my 3 year old does the windows he can reach, Priya mops and steams the floors, etc. Granted, they do them like 6, 4, and 3 year olds so mommy and daddy pick up the rest of the slack. I'm not a clean freak so my house will rarely be “white glove-clean”, but I like it picked up at the end of the day. Though the house is big, we won't be using the basement much, which is a big chunk of the square footage. So that will help. Otherwise I plan to find room in the budget to have cleaning ladies come 1x per month or so to help me stay on top of the deep cleaning, just as I always have. We took a break for several months while saving up for this house, so I'm not sure when they will regularly start coming again – as soon as the budget allows, I guess! I will probably have them just do the main floor and upstairs bathrooms since the rest will be pretty manageable.

Did you use an agent?

Yes we did. And good thing we did in this case, it ended up being a very complicated sale. We used our long-time family friend (Bubba's pseudo brother, really) Craig Collette. He's a broker/agent and has been doing this for years. He's also the one that helped us look for 18 months to find our previous home, then fought tooth and nail for 12 months for us to secure it. It was one of the hardest sales he's ever done and he's a trooper for letting us use him again after that rodeo! Luckily for him he's done with us for good since this is the last house we plan to buy. I definitely recommend him if you are in Utah, feel free to give him a call: Craig Collette, Equity Real Estate, 801-864-1655. Just tell him you got his cell number from Jordan and Bubba so he doesn't think I'm a creep for handing it out to random strangers, ha! You can also email him at [email protected]



Did you do the painting yourself or did you hire out?

We hired out. It wasn't cheap, but we shopped around and found an amazing crew that was almost 1/2 of what some of our other bids were. And we have been beyond impressed. We just knew that with a project this big, and with baby coming 5 weeks after moving in, it was more than we could take on ourselves. Good thing we hired out because it ended up being more complicated than we originally thought, due to things that come with older houses such as oil-based paint (that they don't even allow any more), wallpaper, venetian plaster, etc. If in Utah and interested, we used American Town Painting and highly recommend them. Tell Gabriel hi for me 🙂

What paint colors are you using on the walls?



The whole house basically consists of 4 colors:

  1. White (cabinetry, my office walls, my closet walls)
  2. 2137-70 – not sure if it has a name (lightest gray: Bubba's basement office walls, ceilings in dining room and formal sitting room)
  3. Cliffside Gray (middle gray: basically every other room/wall/hallway in the house, including entry, bedrooms, laundry room, kitchen, sunroom, family room, etc.)
  4. Coventry Gray (darkest gray: formal sitting room, formal dining room, master bedroom, most bathrooms)

amazing what a little paint and carpet can do! Full details at

What type of paint did you use?

The painters used Benjamin Moore paint for the walls, and Sherwin Williams for the white cabinets and trim.  



Where did you get the sectional in your sunroom? couch2

We bought THIS COUCH years ago from RC Willey and LOVE it. It's the only couch that has held up with so many rowdy kids. But it's not that “cool” looking so we've been looking for a comparable one. We found it! RC Willey, made by the same manufacturer, just a bit more updated looking. I it's THIS ONE, though we paid less for it because we bought it at a few hundred off during their huge Memorial Day sale. We added an extra love seat to the couch so ours is 2 seats longer. We also added an ottoman. We got to choose the upholstery for the ottoman, so we chose the cream fabric that matched the pillows that came with the couch. couch1 We paid extra to have the couch and ottoman scotch-guarded. We did this with our last couches and it was SO worth it! For the next 5 years (I think?) they will come out and clean it if anything gets on it, and if they can't get the stains out, they replace it.

Couch pillows?


Those are from Kmart, of all places! Mentioned on Instagram HERE


Got it from Costco! It's an indoor/outdoor rug. It's 7×12 and it was only $120! Unheard of price! Now that it's in the space though, it's a bit too much gray. So we will leave it there for now but will move it to a different room and will trade it out for something with more contrasting color.


Details on my carpet:

Basement carpet: very thin, durable carpet, ended up being very affordable ($12/yrd!) because we bought it wholesale. Not the softest carpet on the planet, but we feel like it's sturdy and perfect for a basement.

basement carpet

This carpet we almost put in the master, but chickened out at the last minute and only put it in my office. We now wish we had put it everywhere! It's the SOFTEST, most amazing carpet and looks so good in person! We loooooooove it. But alas, it's only in my office…so I like to make carpet angels and sing to it lovingly when I'm in there.

my office carpet

For our stairs we went with a gray/powder blue, SUPER stiff, ultra durable Stanton patterned carpet. My #1 priority was that it was built to last. I went gaga over a gorgeous carpet that I was so tempted to get, but it was fancy and delicate, not ideal for stairs. We opted for this one and are so happy with it. It ended up being not as rough as it felt on the sample, and looks great…though it's looks more blue in real life than it's showing up in pictures!

stair carpet



The Page Project - dream home renovation! #ThePageProject,



We bought a new house! The back story:

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Upstairs, laundry room, mini kitchen tour:

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Pantry tour:

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