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Who is BEYOND excited for February's “Focus on Relationships” month theme?? I feel like I have pretty healthy relationships in my life in general, so I admittedly felt like this month would be a piece of cake. But I was pretty humbled when I sat down to create the February calendar  and became overwhelmed by all the relationships in my life that came to mind that I have let drift away, am not currently focusing on enough, or the ones that I'm just plain ignoring. It became very clear very quickly that I definitely need to focus on my relationships! (Good thing we're getting Focused in '14, eh??).

I'm calling the first week of February our “Long Lost Week”. This entire week the relationships we are going to focus on are the ones that we have let let slip away from us. This first challenge is the “Touch-Base Challenge”. The purpose is to get in touch with one person you haven't talked with in a while…and to do this every day for 7 days! Here's how the challenge will work:

Touch-Base Challenge Rules:

  • First, make a list of everyone you can think of that you haven't talked to in a while. Whether you knew them very well or hardly at all, whether it's been a few weeks or been 50 years, write down whoever comes to mind. Be inspired, dig deep, and challenge yourself!
  • Every day this week pick one person from that list to focus on…and touch base with them!
  • It can be a phone call, email, text, card in the mail, a personal visit, or a hand-written note left on their car. However you want to do it, just let them know you were thinking of them and that you want to catch up!
  • Think of times in your day where you are uninterrupted (getting ready in the morning, driving to carpool, doing dishes at night) and can make this touch-base challenge happen.
  • Write a note to yourself and put it in those places that you won't be interrupted. Set an alarm in your phone if you need to so you won't forget!
  • Be sure to post a photo or status update of how it's going. Use the hashtag #FocusOnRelationships all month long (on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for a chance to win $100 cash from Amber Creek Counseling!
  • The main purpose of this week is to push yourself and get you out of your comfort zone, so be sure to challenge yourself!

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In our lives we tend to pick the path of least resistance. We naturally take the easy route, and tend to stay in our comfort zone. I'm learning more and more that our comfort zone, albeit comfortable, is the place where we become stagnant, complacent, and do less with our lives. Let's push ourselves this week! Make it a little uncomfortable for ourselves, and we'll know we're doing something right! I have no doubt it will feel SO GOOD when it's all over.

So what do you say, are you guys with me?? Can't wait to hear about it!!