The Simplest Budgeting Technique Ever…CONDENSED!

Simplest budgeting technique EVER - works for cash or cards

Today I'm being featured on, where I share an UPDATED and CONDENSED version of the simplest budgeting technique EVER! [See the old, full-detail version (including a video) HERE]. In case you're interested, here's an excerpt of my post:

As a frugal living expert and financial disaster survivor, I've learned the secret to budgeting that actually works – simplifying.

The simpler you make it, the more realistic it is to implement into your life permanently. I am not a fan of crash diets, just as I am not a fan of crash budgets.

Today I'm going to give you an in-depth look inside the simplest technique ever. It has not only single-handedly helped us get out of major debt (more than $10,000 on just one credit card), but it has helped thousands of people stop getting by and start getting ahead.

I now introduce you to:

The simplest budgeting technique ever:

Here are the tricks to being able to maintain a practical and balanced budget for the rest of your life:

  1. Divide up your spending and simplify your individual budgets.
  2. Break your budget down weekly instead of monthly.
  3. Keep track in a simple envelope.

1. Divide your personal spending and simplify your budgets.

No more “hair cut budgets,” “eating out budgets” or “dog grooming budgets.” I suggest you lump your spending into two categories and simplify…

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To see the rest of the article click HERE. Enjoy!




  1. AvatarSarah says

    jordan = the links don’t work anymore as the coupon website has shut down – is it possible to ‘re-post’ the post in the body of the actual post?

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