Pssst…wanna know a secret? We've been working on something fabulous for MONTHS and it's finally time for the big reveal! Are you ready?!

Image and graphic of Jordan Page excitedly announcing The Page Company App.

Freebs, we are positively bursting with excitement at The Page Company! After more requests than we can count from all you wonderful Freebs, plus months of hard work, the time has finally come to share our new secret project!

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Introducing….The Page Company App! *Insert happy dance!*

Ahhh! Can you believe it? We are positively pinching ourselves. We now have a whole app available for FREE in The App Store! Dying to learn more? Of course you are! We'll tell you all about it.

Why Develop An App?

Image of a phone on the desk displaying The Page Company App. A potted plant and a small container of colorful paperclips are next to it.

We feel so lucky to have a super engaged group of Freebs all around the globe! We love connecting with you and hearing your stories and concerns, and we take them to heart!

One of the biggest items of feedback we've received over the years is the desire to have all our good stuff in one, easy-to-access place. We use our smartphones for virtually everything in our lives now, so it made sense that people would want all The Page Company goodness accessible there, too!

Even though apps are common, they are not easy to create! We've spent months brainstorming and testing to make sure we're providing Freebs with a valuable tool that you will love!

What Does The Page Company App Do?

We've taken all your suggestions and identified the things that will benefit YOU in your daily life. Here are the things you can expect to find in The Page Company App:

Access To All Our Free Content In One Place

Over the years we've put out hundreds of blog posts full of valuable information about budgeting, productivity, families, food, and FUN! You'll be able to access all the content from our Fun Cheap Or Free and Shelf Cooking blogs right within the app!

Find All Your Favorite YouTube Videos

Have you watched all of Jordan's 200+ YouTube videos? If not, you'll be able to easily find them through the app so you can have them on hand any time you need them! Need help navigating case lot sales, establishing a morning routine, or cooking breakfast for the week? Jordan's got you covered!

Conveniently Shop The Page Company Products

Whether it's a new planner or one of our ah-mazing bootcamps, you can locate exactly what you're looking for with only a couple of taps. We'll help keep you productive and within budget anytime, anywhere!

Access Your Shelf Cooking Meal Plan

OMG…YESSSS. Have you tried our Shelf Cooking Meal Plan yet?! If not, now is the time! You'll be able to access it right within the app, making planning and prepping dinner every week SO. MUCH. EASIER. And yes, all the caps are necessary because this is seriously amazing!

Connect With Other Freebs Through Communities

Ok, ok…if everything listed above isn't enough to convince you that you need this app in your life, hear us out. We've developed a community where you can connect with other like-minded Freebs to chat, share success stories, ask questions, and cheer each other on!

I know, right??

Where Can The Page Company App Be Found?

Are you ready to have access to all this good stuff right in the palm of your hand? Of course you are!

You can download The Page Company App in the Apple Store HERE, and in the Google Play store HERE! And the best part? It is FREE! Heck yes!

Join us in learning, growing, and connecting with each other. It's going to be so much fun!

We can't wait to see you there!