Yes, there is a classy way to haggle at yard sales! This video proves it. Get tons of yardsaling tips and more,

Can you smell it? Taste it? Feel it? Yardsale season is in the air!! Being a certified Yard Sale Ninja and all, I was asked to do a segment on Studio 5 covering the classy way to haggle at yard sales!

Haggling can be an uncomfortable thing for many, especially when haggling over something that only costs a few dollars. But if you've ever held a yard sale, you know just as good as any that you not only don't mind haggling…you welcome it! “Heck, if you don't like my price, tell me what you're willing to pay so I don't have to haul this stuff to the donation bin!” Am I right?

Here are 6 tips I have for keeping the class in haggling so you AND the person you're buying from come away a winner.

Watch the segment online or click and watch below:

See, not too scary right?

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…and have a fabulous day!