$1 Target find can save you hundreds! [MEAL PLANNING VIDEO]

How a $1 target board can save you (literally) hundreds! From FunCheapOrFree.com

We all know grocery shopping and cooking can make or break the bank! Before we got out of debt, meal planning just wasn't in my vocabulary. We were spending WAAAAY too much money on food. I would grocery shop several times per week, buying whatever I felt like we want or needed for dinner that day. I felt like I was “food-poor” but never had anything to eat in our house! (Does that ever happen to you?) Not to mention, tons of food would go bad in my fridge because I would forget I had it.

Since then I've started using several super easy ways to keep track of food, and plan meals. Here is a quick 1 minute video that shows one of my secret weapons for the world's easiest meal planning!

Watch online or click and watch below:

There you have it! This is one of the simplest things I do that saves our family tons of money. It's amazing what a little planning can do.

For more great meal planning ideas (including free printables!) see this “easy meal plan” post!

So now that I've gotten you that ground-breaking tip,

I have to ask…

Tell me, what's your take on quick video tips like this? I've been busy lately, so I've been unable to post as often as I would like. Videos like this are SO quick and easy for me to do, making it easy for me to put out quick posts. But do you like them? Hate them? Do you prefer videos or written posts? Mix of both? Videos of better quality? Do you not care about the quality? Let me know whatyou think, thanks!



  1. AvatarMelanie G. says

    I think these cell phone videos are a fun way for you to stay connected with your readers when you don’t have a lot of time to blog. I enjoy the mix of these with your more traditional posts.

  2. AvatarMeredith says

    I love a mix of video and type in your posts. When I’m at work I can’t listen to the video right away so I usually get the gist with the type and can click on other posts that you link too. Keep it up!

  3. AvatarBeth says

    I like the videos, but regular posts are easier for me to read early in the morning when everyone else is still sleeping, and when I’m at work. (Don’t think bad of me…I’m a receptionist….my only job is to answer the phone, so I’m allowed to read/browse the web when I’m not on the phone.)

  4. AvatarJasmin says

    Oh my gosh! We do the exact same thing. Our whiteboard is also on our fridge and is slightly bigger. We actually split it into two columns. One side like yours is for meal planning, the other is an ongoing list of groceries or ingredients we’ll need on our next shopping trip. That way as soon as we are about to run out of something, we write it down on our board. I’ve even got my husband trained to do this. :o)
    I love these short videos!! But I also love your detailed, longer posts too. I can’t get enough!

  5. Avatarevi says

    I enjoy the short videos a lot, it’s a nice change. But I also do like to read your posts, in some situations I can’t watch the videos, so reading is nice and I save the video for later.

    One question though: is there a possibility on YouTube to mark a video as “I have already watched this”? With some videos I am just not sure whether I have already watched them and especially with the long Q&A-videos, it’s a little cumbersome to watch them for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out if there is something familiar in there… ;->

    all the best from Austria,

    • AvatarLana says

      I don’t know if there is a way to mark them but you can check your history (on the left or bottom). Not sure if that helps you or not.

  6. Avatarsky says

    I love them! Some of these things I already do, but your take on them might be slightly different, which gives me new ideas! You don’t have a lot of time to post everyday, and I don’t have a lot of time to read everyday, so the quick cell phone videos are great! Then I just mark the longer posts to go back to when I have some more time. Plus, I love seeing your fun personality come through these impromptu videos! I say keep them up!

  7. AvatarRoseann says

    I love the short, quick videos as they’re so easy to digest and much easier than reading 🙂
    Thanks so much!
    Roseann, Australia

  8. AvatarJan says

    I like the videos. I especially like them on subjects that save money on food and other daily things we have to have. Keep the tips coming!
    Thank you for sharing,

  9. AvatarLana says

    I like your videos. I have a baby about a month older than your sweet one, so it’s nice to have short ones to watch when feeding him. I’ve been watching your videos from the beginning since I just started following you a couple months ago. I’m a more of a visual person so I’ve enjoyed seeing you talk but I enjoy being able to read posts too.

  10. AvatarKatie says

    I prefer to read posts. I can usually skim an article much faster than I can watch a video and get more content out of it too. If I have to watch a video to learn about something, I probably won’t.

  11. AvatarDanielle says

    I love the mix. I enjoy that you can still post when you are busy, this also gives me time to go back and catch up on other posts from before I started reading your blog. But I also love sitting down and reading your mega posts (so excited for the Disney one!) and your regular posts. For me the quality of the video doesn’t matter so much. With your cell phone videos I can see and hear what you are saying so it all works for me

  12. AvatarMichelle says

    Totes McGotes! Love the mix. I agree, it’s nice to hear from you when you’re busy but I enjoy regular and ultra-mega posts too! I just see that it’s a video and wait until I get home to watch, no biggie. Your cell videos are fine quality, I can see and hear all so doesn’t bother me! It is nice to see the well-rounded view of a real woman instead of a world of perfection!! 🙂

  13. AvatarOlivia @ Snyders Tell All says

    I like your videos. I like this tip as well! I do this but with a calendar. I use a white board like this for my ongoing grocery list. I have a dump truck memory so I have to write down things like this 🙂 FYI, your blog/IG is one of my favorites…I swear your my frugal soul sister!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Aw, thanks so much for the feedback and for following! Yes, I’ve loved your tips you’ve been leaving for other Freebs on Instagram. Keep them coming!!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      So glad! Thanks for sharing! I plan to do more. I’d love to do 1 per week if I can keep up (they take foreeeeeeeeeeeever to do!).

  14. AvatarVal says

    I don’t care much about the quality but I do like the short videos! Sometimes I am places where I can’t watch a video though and I would rather have a post I can read. A mix of both would be great! Love all your ideas!!

  15. AvatarTeri says

    I enjoy your long posts AND your short, fun phone video tips. Pretty much whatever you feel is important to share is likely relevant to many of us. Thank you for your fantastic (and super fun/funny too!) blog!

  16. AvatarCamille says

    I personally love the quick easy short videos. I don’t care about quality at all. Thanks for all your tips I love them!

  17. AvatarNatalia says

    I think it’s pretty much straight to the point . Plus, you don t get to spend so much time editing your videos. It S a win-win for everyone : regular videos, less editing work.
    Thanks again for sharing .

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