How a $1 target board can save you (literally) hundreds! From

We all know grocery shopping and cooking can make or break the bank! Before we got out of debt, meal planning just wasn't in my vocabulary. We were spending WAAAAY too much money on food. I would grocery shop several times per week, buying whatever I felt like we want or needed for dinner that day. I felt like I was “food-poor” but never had anything to eat in our house! (Does that ever happen to you?) Not to mention, tons of food would go bad in my fridge because I would forget I had it.

Since then I've started using several super easy ways to keep track of food, and plan meals. Here is a quick 1 minute video that shows one of my secret weapons for the world's easiest meal planning!

Watch online or click and watch below:

There you have it! This is one of the simplest things I do that saves our family tons of money. It's amazing what a little planning can do.

For more great meal planning ideas (including free printables!) see this “easy meal plan” post!

So now that I've gotten you that ground-breaking tip,

I have to ask…

Tell me, what's your take on quick video tips like this? I've been busy lately, so I've been unable to post as often as I would like. Videos like this are SO quick and easy for me to do, making it easy for me to put out quick posts. But do you like them? Hate them? Do you prefer videos or written posts? Mix of both? Videos of better quality? Do you not care about the quality? Let me know whatyou think, thanks!