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Deep clean your house with 1 chore per day

Confession…I’m a messy person. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a clean house and try my best. But I have to really concentrate on staying on top of my messes (yes, MY messes). Plus I have 3 young kids (my oldest is 4) and a large house (5,200 sq feet, super-duper-clearance short sale – story

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Month-Long Organization Challenge – April: Focus on Organization Month

It’s April, so we know what that means…it’s Focus on Organization month as part of our Focused in ’14 monthly challenges! With Spring in the air, I’m sure we’re all getting the SPRING CLEANING itch. (I know I am). To help us all get focused and organized this year, April will be dedicated to helping

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DIY Pot Holder Purse Caddy

Enjoy this guest post from my favorite gals over at Find it Make it Love it! We are so excited to be guest-posting on FCF today! This project we’re going to show you is so simple, so cheap, so easy, and it’s something every bag should have! Who doesn’t need a little caddy to hold

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