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iPhone Hacks…for moms!

Hey Freebs! It seems that more and more of us have iPhones any more. So today for my Millennial Moms video I thought I’d share my favorite FREE iPhone Hacks that help everyone (especially moms!) get the most bang for your buck out of those expensive, life-saving little devices! Trust me guys, you’re going to freak

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Makeup Tutorial…from a 4 year old :)

Today’s Millennial Moms video is just for kicks and giggles…because it’s just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. My 4 year old, Priya, is OBSESSED with doing makeup. She asked me almost every day if she can do my makeup. I finally let her have free reign, and decided to film it of course.

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Join me at The Mom Summit! (It’s FREE, so you’d be crazy not to…)

Exciting news, there’s this UH-MAY-ZING online FREE summit for moms (aka “The Mom Summit”…genius, right?) going from March 31 – April 7. Picture the most perfect conference for moms ever, then put it on steroids because it’s all ONLINE so you can watch it in your PJ’s after your kids have gone to bed. Oh,

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