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DIY Peanut Butter To-Go Cups! Easy On-The-Go Snack [Foodie Tuesday]

It’s no secret – my kids LOVE peanut butter. Apples, graham crackers, pancakes, you name it…if it can go with peanut butter, you can bet we will eat it at my house. I bought some peanut butter to-go cups from the store for a trip once. Unfortunately they were  not only holy-cow expensive, but the

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My Broccoli Secret: how to steam broccoli in record time!

Warning: this is a random post. As I mentioned in my Embracing Imperfections post, I’m working on posting those thousands of random quick tips that pop into my head, but never make it to the blog because it’s not elaborate, earth shaking, or flattering (as you’ll see in the video…trust me). So another fair warning

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World’s Best (and easiest…) homemade caramel! Great for popcorn, apples, and anything dip-worthy.

  I’m currently running around like a chicken with my head cut off preparing for a (really fun!) TV segment I’m doing on Friday. But I had to take a break to bring you this amazing homemade caramel recipe I promised you HERE. This caramel is perfect for caramel apples, caramel popcorn, dipping sauce, bathing in,

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