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No fail, 10-Minute Mini Quiche Recipe

  As mentioned in this post about how I threw a bird-themed baby shower for just $25, one of the hits of the party were my (ridiculously easy and delicious) 10-minute mini quiches! Today I thought it was time to share my secret and share this mini quiche recipe that is PERFECT for parties, brunch, breakfast, showers,…

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About Me Monday: My Favorites

Welcome back to another edition of About Me…Wednesday? Oops. I didn’t have time to do it on Monday so here I am! The purpose of A.M.M’s is for us to get to know each other better. Since last time I shared my pet peeves, I thought I’d get us on a positive track and share…

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How to freeze and thaw bread

Kate C., a FCF reader friend, recently sent me this message about how to freeze and thaw bread: Q: Jordan, Hi there! I am a college student who loves to save money, so I buy bread from discount racks at super markets. The problem is I can never eat enough before it starts to stale…