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Want me to help you with your finances? For FREE?? [UTAH!]

FREEBS! I need your help, by needing MY help! I’m knee-deep in a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally incredible project I’m so excited about, it’s keeping me up at night and making me break out…while simultaneously making me die inside because I can’t tell you all about it yet (how’s that for an obnoxious teaser?). All I can say is…trust me. If this

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Finance Date Night recap + reserve tickets for the next one!

Ok guys, I have to be honest with you. I was a little nervous about our first Finance Date Night. It was not only a spur-the-moment, throw-it-together-in-3-days kind of a thing, but it’s something so different than Bubba or I have ever done before. (*ENTER uncertainty and nerves.) But Bubba and I really wanted to gather an

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The Simplest Budgeting Technique Ever…CONDENSED!

Today I’m being featured on, where I share an UPDATED and CONDENSED version of the simplest budgeting technique EVER! [See the old, full-detail version (including a video) HERE]. In case you’re interested, here’s an excerpt of my post: As a frugal living expert and financial disaster survivor, I’ve learned the secret to budgeting that

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