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Fun Cheap Or Free…LIVE! We’re comin’ for ya, Arizona! Grab your FREE tickets!

Log into Twitter, call your mama, and fire off the flares… …Freebs Night Out just hit the road. That’s right! I’ve had a dream and idea for YEARS to be able to travel the country (and let’s hope the world, someday!) to visit YOU in YOUR neck of the woods. Well, thanks to an amazing

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Freebs Night Out #2 RECAP! (And an EXCITING announcement!)

A few weeks ago we had our second Freebs Night Out here in Utah. Guys, it was somehow even MORE fun than the last one! I wanted to post some pictures from the night, thank you for coming, and thank our sponsors for coming. Additionally…I have a fun exciting announcement/idea at the bottom of the

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Worldwide Indexing Event: Easy Family History Project!

Has anyone else noticed that family history is a bit of a…”thing” right now? I first noticed it with the show Who Do You Think You Are, that followed celebrities as they discovered long lost family history. Then I got hooked on a local reality show, Relative Race on BYU-TV (which is like The Amazing

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FREE Invisalign consultation [UTAH – Frugal Find Friday]

Happy Friday, Freebs! My awesome Ortho, Dr. Parker, asked me to share a special he is running with y’all. Since he and I are basically BFF’s since I’ve become an adult brace-face, I told him OF COURSE! If you live in Utah, and if you have ever considered Invisalign for you or someone in your

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