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Family Friendly Flu Remedies

Well, freebs. It’s that time of year… sickness is everwhere, so it seemed time to share my favorite family-friendly flu remedies with you! We struggled with a bout of the flu last month, and a few of us are recovering from strep right now as we speak! We have stocked up on all the things

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How to keep kids healthy…the SNEAKY WAY.

How to keep kids healthy…without losing your sanity. That seems to be my biggest battle lately. A knock down, drag out, who-has-the-sanity-for-this kind of battle at that. In the last few weeks we’ve had allergies, runny noses, ear infections, busted fingers, ear infections, you name it! (Can you tell school has started??) My kids are not willing “healthy”

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My Must-Have Baby Essentials (…my excuse to plaster Mory’s face on the web…)

Gah, that face! Bringing baby Mory home last month was the highlight of our year. We love her to pieces! (…so do the other kids. Literally. Pieces. As in, “be soft so you don’t break her into pieces“, pieces…) Many of you have asked what my favorite, must-have baby essentials are. I’ve hesitated even saying, because I’m not

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