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How to get your baby to sleep + sleep gadgets that WORK!

I often get asked how I get my baby to sleep, all 5 of my babies for that matter, especially for naps! (Yes, all 5 of my kids nap at the same time almost every day. It’s fine, call me the Nap Nazi, I don’t mind.) I’ll be honest, it took some practice. My oldest

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My Favorite Baby Products and Gadgets!

I recently did a post on my must-have baby essentials; the things I keep stocked in every room when we are in baby-mode. Many of you asked for more info on what my favorite baby products and gadgets are for baby Mory, so I figured…well…if you aren’t sick of baby talk yet, neither am I! So

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Baby Girl is HERE! Meet Baby Mory :)

Wow, did you think I died? Sorry for all the surface-level posts lately. Have no fear, I’m not dead…I just gave birth is all! That’s right folks, whether you’ve been waiting in anticipation…or whether you never even had any idea I was pregnant…(where have you been the last 9 months, people??) Page Baby Number 5,

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