For today's Super Savvy Saturday project I thought I'd show you how I used leftover ribbon and scrap fabric to make a cute tag blanket! 
Baby girl is too young to appreciate it just yet, but soon enough I'm sure it will be her favorite thing in the whole wide world 🙂 Babies love the colors and all the fun tags to play with. 
(When babies get a toy all they want to do is suck on the tag anyway, right?!)
Here's how I did it:
Baby Tag Blanket
I had some soft fabric leftover from my rosette wreath and giant monogram P. I'm too cheap to throw anything away, so I just had it lying around and decided to use it!

I cut off the edges to make a small rectangle. (You could really do this any shape. A circle would be hard, but I'm sure it could be done!) You just need enough fabric to make two identical rectangles.

I also had a bunch of random ribbon from the bow-making station I had at the showers I threw, 
…and even used random ribbon I had from gifts people gave me. (Told you I don't throw away anything!)
Line up your two rectangles of fabric and pin one side of them together.

Next, cut varying lengths of ribbon. I did most of mine about this long (maybe 3-4” or so…?):

Take your length of ribbon and fold it in half (so one end is a loop).
Open your fabric rectangles where they are pinned.
Line up the non-looped end of your ribbon so it is sticking out of the top of your pinned rectangles slightly. 

Secure it with a pin.

Repeat! So easy! 

When you open your pinned fabric it will look like this inside:

Do this to all 4 sides of your rectangle except for about 4 inches of one side. You'll need this gap to turn your blanket right-side out (like when making a pillow case).
Here's what it looks like when it's done. 
Notice the non-pinned gap at the bottom right of mine (the right-hand corner).

Next, sew it all together! Make sure you are sewing the ribbon to the fabric – you don't want to miss any spots.

Be sure to leave the gap un-sewn (see the bottom right of my rectangle)

Use the gap to carefully reach in and turn your fabric right-side out. Make sure to get the corners well!

I added some colorful ribbon to the front and back of mine using a zig-zag stitch:
And there you go! Make sure all the tags are secure, you don't want them coming out.
So easy, so cute, and a great gift for people!

Ta-DA! Your friends will be so impressed 🙂