As I mentioned yesterday, I had a blast planning and throwing a big shower for my friend Shannon on Thursday. I did a lot of DIY projects to keep things unique, and keep costs down. Here is the first one I'll share with you for today's Super Savvy Saturday project!
Polka Dot Garland Decor
How cute is that, right?? I got the idea originally from HERE.
You'll be shocked at how easy it is!
Here's what you need:
  • Scrapbooking paper, cardstock, paint swatches, or any other kind of colored paper.
  • Sewing machine, OR…
  • Glue gun and yarn, ribbon, or string.
Simple enough!
Here's what you do:
Cut a bunch of circles. I did multiple sizes – a big, medium, and small circle. I threw some squares in there at first, but it turns out it looks way better with all circles.

Line them up however you'd like them. Random is best.

Start sewing! I left various amounts of space between the circles, it looks great when it's imperfect which is why this project is awesome.
Just sew like normal! Sew through one circle, leave some space, then put the next circle down and keep sewing. Pretty simple!

If you want the NO-SEW option you could string them with ribbon and use hot glue. That would be super cute too!
Hang them up, and you're done! I did 5 shorter strands in the window and one long strand strung across the top. I wish I would've done one or two more strands in the window, just for the record.
It adds a great touch to party decor, or you could use this same method to make baby mobiles!

Here's another example of how you can do this:
She used all blue, and only used two circle sizes. Have fun trying different methods!

See, didn't I tell you it was easy? Enjoy!